What sort of country will post-Brexit Britain be? - BBC Newsnight

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What sort of country will post-Brexit Britain be? - BBC Newsnight 4.5

Emily Maitlis speaks to Lord William Waldegrave, former Conservative Chief Secretary to the Treasury and author of Three Circles into One.

He says Britain must be “realistic” about the sort of country it is now.

“Why can’t we be a middle-ranking, proud country?" he asks, before adding that he believes the UK could live in or out of Europe “perfectly well”.

Lord Waldegrave is Provost of Eton College, the school that Boris Johsnon and fellow Conservatives David Cameron, Jacob Rees Mogg and Rory Stewart all attended.

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Scotland voted by 60% to remain. Northern Ireland voted 56% to remain. Brexit may very well mean that Britain exits Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Author — Éamonn Síoċáin


Boris Johnson's exit strategy
Is that what they call an Eton Mess?

Author — Diarmuid Kelleher


In Holland we learned at school that in 1945 there remained only two super powers. Interesting to learn the British regarded themselves still a superpower in 1945.

Author — Bart van der Velden


Few things are eternal in this world, and british self delussion of greatness when their hegemonical era is long gone is one of them.

Author — Santiago Suárez


Brexit is a direct result of both misinformation and a kind of British superiority complex. Britain will find out the hard way about the lies about Europe that the public has been fed by the tabloids and TV. And it will soon find out the financial consequences of going rogue economically.

Author — henk


A divided, poor, little influence, small power, third world country with riots and terrorist attacks everywhere. Scotland will be independent, Northern Ireland will be taken back by Ireland and finally be united. Huge inflation and food shortage, property price drop half. EU people leave, labour shortage, big company moves out. NHS queue 10 years to see a doctor... Good luck for hard brexit

Author — Green Rachel


It seems that England (but not so much Scotland and Northern Ireland), by a small majority, likes the idea of leaving the EU, having never fully embraced it, but find the reality of Brexit less than palatable.

Author — Michael B W


From Rory Stewart to Jacob Rees-Mogg? Such range!

Author — e


I lived in UK, this man is telling the truth.

Author — rade


This guy talks the truth and with common sense !!! The "Great " is gone out of Britain a long time ago and we are a laughing stock of the world !!! So embarrassing !!!

Author — Roxana Andrews


This guy sounds like he's been reading Fintan O'Toole's book 'Heroic Failure: Brexit and the Politics of

Author — Mark H


Here we go Britain isn't a country, it's a voluntary union between Scotland and England. Rip up act of union 👋

Author — stephen kelly


4:28 The production of ONE Jacob Rees Mogg should be seen as malicious intent.

Author — Talk Blocked


England's status may return to that of the level it enjoyed in 1485 under the last Plantagenet King, that of a fairly unimportant island off the continent of Europe struggling to make ends meet.

Author — Richard Cory


A deindustrialized deregulated tax haven.

Author — Alcathous


The Tory Party will miss people like Waldegrave and Clarke - who were more than just shallow, obsessive careerists.

Author — mookie2637


I'm glad he recognizes that his will be the realization of England no longer being a global power. And possibly shouldn't have been for quite sometime.

Author — sqwale7


Looking at the comments, it seems that even Russian bots don't think it's worth the effort as I don't find the usual Brexit rant and insults.

Author — mehfoos


Great Britain will remain no.1 Rock´n´Roll world power .

Author — kulturfreund66


Crazy how hard they’re going to stop unity lol

Author — Straw Hat