Souther VS Raoh

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Hokuto versus nanto;one of more influent tecnics into animes;mangas and figting games;arsome fight.

Author — Jrgracioli Malta


Did you hear about that Fist of the North Star game? It’s gameplay is dope as’f not only that if you ever do anymore of these fights with their characters you should use their ost. Great music especially Toki, Raoh, Jagi, and Thouza/Souther

Author — Rodrick Simani98


Do guts (berserk) vs dante (devil may cry)

Author — ahmed mansour


O southern é o seu personagem favorito ? Por que você gosta mesmo de ver ele lutar

Author — Lobão Guara


mi personaje favorito es raoh y kenshiro pero sousther es un papanatas
pero buena pelea broo saludos

Author — James Allen


Ja ja ja ja si.. Creo que solo una vez se subió al caballo, pero no aparecía el Sprite!

Author — Omar Elias