Extended Interview: Deepwater Horizon Survivor

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Extended Interview: Deepwater Horizon Survivor 5
Only On The Web: Watch an extended version of Scott Pelley's interview with Mike Williams, who was the chief electronics technician on the Deepwater Horizon. He recalled the explosion, subsequent fire and his harrowing escape from the oil rig.

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My buddy Adam Wiese was 1 of the 11 that went missing on the rig. We went to school together.. He was a great friend to many..

Author — Epo Rowley


"If its gonna kill me im gonna look at it"
Those words will forever be with me

Author — APVX


So happy this man got the movie made after his story.

Author — Keith Freeman


A no knife policy on an ocean-based vessel?  WTF?  This disaster was the result of mismanagement starting from the top down.

Author — 1202 Program Alarm


“Transocean had a “no knife” policy...”

You know, to keep everyone safe.


Author — Looseel Scott


''I was mad at the doors'' . Anger helps to push yourself towards the good in these kind of situations.

Author — Choco Later


John Malkovich was awesome as the evil BP executive.

Author — Jose Rea


He is so good at storytelling that as he is speaking..I'm on the edge of my seat because I'm not sure if he makes it out alive

Author — SendMeLocation


Just saw the movie, almost the same as he described

Author — Try Hard


I just watched the movie ..😐 it made me cry so much 😢 I mean I never realized how horrible that actually was😟 not just oil spill but people in a burning ship with fire all over !!

Author — Uhime


Mike telling his story is the most harrowing thing I've EVER heard.

Author — RMJ Movie Reviews


I love Mike William's honesty. As heroic as he was throughout the explosions and launching the the lifeboats, he also didn't cover up the fact he wanted to not go back for the other's that were in the water. This shows how fear and the strong desire to survive affect decision making in the heat of the moment. He was incredibly 'team oriented' up until that point, but once exhaustion had kicked in even he, as an incredibly strong person, reached the point of 'enough'. I think he definitely saved lots of lives that day. A man for both men and women to aspire to be like, a true hero.

Author — Elizabeth Pitt


I never cried during the movie until he broke down with his family and gave the dinasaur tooth to his daughter. When tha happened i was a mess

Author — dave oneil


God Bless him and all those that survived. And may all those that perished, Rest in Peace.

Author — parish bell


Yeah, sure, this man is a survivor, but that is obvious now that we see he is alive. More importantly, he is a WITNESS..

Author — Buzz Garrison


This seemed like 3 minutes not 30, this was UNREAL to watch- speechless atm

Author — DME EMD


Give this man the Civilian Medal of Honor.

Author — Alexander Higgins


We are all glad you're alive brother. I was a roustabout for two years on a Noble rig. My hat goes off to u for you're heroism and willingness to live. I hope others will listen to you're account of survival, to make the industry safer. My condolences for the loss of your shipmates.

Author — Wandering Adventurer


Truly the most riveting survival story I've ever seen on TV. Miracle.

Author — Jeff B


Poor ocean, poor sea animals, and poor humans that passed.

Author — December November