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Flight of the Future - Science Fiction or Reality 4.5

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In the not too distant future strange craft will zoom across our skies. These are not UFOs, they’re not alien craft from another planet, these are machines developed and built by human engineers and designers. Today’s science fiction will become tomorrow’s reality. These are the aircraft of the future!

What you’re about to see is a glimpse into the future of aviation. Winged aircraft as we know them will soon be a thing of the past. Across the world designers are racing to create fantastic new aircraft that can fly humans higher, faster, and further than ever before. New military designs, airliners that can take us to the edge of space and around the planet in minutes, and new propulsion systems that will make the jet engine obsolete forever.

One casualty of this race for the future sits abandoned on an airfield, this fighter was more advanced than aircraft in service, but was already obsolete. It was the loser in the engineering competition of the century. In 1985 the United States Air Force demanded a new fighter plane, one that would incorporate the most up-to-date advances in stealth and agility. Two multibillion dollar designs by rival companies took to the air in a fight to the death. One was the Northrop YF-23, it had diamond shaped wings. The other was the Lockheed YF-22. The winner would become the backbone of the US Air Force, the loser a billion dollar pile of scrap.

A fierce fight was about to take place between the two most advanced fighter aircraft ever built. The test pilots fought to outperform each other. But after the YF-23’s wheels touched the ground it never flew again. With its greater performance and agility, the YF-22 was chosen to take the US Air Force into the next millennium. It is a truly remarkable craft, it is able to reach speeds and perform manoeuvres far beyond that of the front line fighter of the time, the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle.

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"In the future these may become the ultimate urban warriors" Seems like a plan, rural areas will be owned by the governing few, cities will be the gathering point of the landless, and that is where they will be rounded up and ZAP!!!! sounds like a movie!

Author — Tony Rod


love how he is getting so much facts in there and he almost flies the thing into his head at 15:29

Author — Canzer


Before The Learning Channel turned to "reality" TV

Author — Matt


21:11 - as long as it carries some sort of transmitters - it will be "visible" - and there's no need to shoot it down as long, as you have your slippers on your feet (and in your hand) ;-)
if we're talking 'bout "spying" into other spaces - buildings, areas of concentration etc - we need to talk about just near light freqs, nothing material...

Author — Mariusz Fidzinski


1:36 Oh wow, this is pretty accurate, what is it? Yeah yeah, keep saying it's old and whatever, does someone knows what it is? Kind of what to dig into it.

Author — Brian


Wow I remember this show from back in the day. Extreme Machines 1997 was the year and holy shit I loved this show I watched It religiously. It was on the TLC channel which Plays nothing but garbage today. TLC had alot of good shows back then.

Author — P.J.


"In the future, this video from 2014 may be recommended to people"



Made in 1998... No wonder it all seemed so dated.
With references to Concord still flying and that guys laptop was as thick as a house brick )))

Author — Gary Seven


When they were talking about pilots being the issue, I thought they were going to talk about drones. This show is so old they werent even talking about remote piloting or drones.

Author — StevieMac!


Cool! 🦖
This was a great video 👍

Author — Crazy Funny Cats


So funny to watch old shows about the future, which is now the present.

Author — Leifur Thor


This video is so outdated. At the same time it's still interesting

Author — Maxwell Whitmore


"Commander, there seems to be a small bird traveling at mach 2, should we ignore it?"

Author — Mikhail Hunter


When I was a kid I remember watching about the YF-22. I was so excited about it. The F-22 is so advanced but due to the cost of the aircraft (maintenance/flight hours/production/parts...the whole shebang) America won't mass produce what I believe is the most advanced fighter in the world. Instead we get the F-35, which focuses technological supremacy vs performance supremacy. But still, the F-22 is the bad bitch.

Author — First Last


Turban based jet engines? The Sikhs won't be happy.

Author — Andrew Murphy


no way! I watched this almost 20 years ago, when south africa first got satellite connection! Where are those inventions today?

Author — Daemon Shadowcaust


The TR-3B space forces,
space craft. Faster than 9G's vertical and horizontally.

Author — Heavens Child


Those huge brushed motors on the "tiny" RC planes were hilarious. Same thing with the resolution of the onboard camera....36ppi maybe, lol.

Author — Steve Johnson


Awesome, many thanks for uploading, loved it and cant wait to see the next generation advance

Author — Hoje Dias


In the mid-1980s, I had a similar flying "saucer" for testing. It was also remotely controlled. Was 150 cm in diameter and 40 cm high. It was more difficult to fly than a model helicopter. Significantly slower. I was only able to control the pitching movement with the support of the buoyancy and a small front flap. There was no tail rotor, just a small side flap. The round "wing" turned against the engine. During the quick start, the device rose vertically. The straight flight was at most 30 km / h. Climb could in a right turn (because of torque)
and descent can be initiated in a left turn. The last horizontal meters had to be "juggled" with the pitch flap, the side flap and the speed in order to be able to touch down without inclination.
The whole thing was not a best seller. But a lot of the military were interested in it.
April has shown us a newspaper in the Black Forest (Germany) above the trees. April Fool's Day or not was the question. Looked real.

Author — Radica Sterner