5 UNEXPECTED FAMILY FEUD ANSWERS That WERE On The Board! Steve Harvey Can't Believe It! Bonus Round

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5 UNEXPECTED FAMILY FEUD ANSWERS That WERE On The Board! Steve Harvey Can't Believe It! Bonus Round 5

Unexpected Answers that Steve Harvey was convinced weren't on the board! Only on Family Feud USA!

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Name something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house.... NAKED GRANDMA

Author — Gurpreet Birk


I can just imagine the people backstage quickly changing the answers to make the absurd answers correct just to get a reaction from Steve.

Author — Alex Tillas


It's not in the video but I just needed to say it.

Author — Julian Jimenez


Family Feud judges be like:
"Name something you do every day"
"Steve I'm going to say killing small animals."
*DING* 'Eat'

Author — Cam D.


Her: “His eyebrows!”

Steve: “His eyebr...WHAT???”

Board: *DING* 👁 👄 👁

Author — Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid


“Asparagus!” ding, *Steve Harvey breakdown*

Author — Blake Hutchison


“ He’s had surgery in the mouth and he’s mute.” Lmaooo

Author — Alison Clarke


"I don't want no trouble Mr Harvey"

Author — Classic rock Lover


Ask a woman want women want and then get surprised when the woman's answer is up there.

Author — A non mouse


"Name a celebrity that has a big mouth and knows how to use it."
"(chuckles) Steve Harvey."

Author — EVA_Unit_4A


Naked grandma guy should has been on this video also

Author — Jacob Sama


Steve Harvey: *Asks sexual or awkward question*

Contestant: *Gives sexual or awkward answer*

Steve Harvey: (Pikachu gasping meme)

Author — MaK Videoz


Steve Harvey's Expressions are Absolutely Priceless!!!!

Author — Walter Lewis


Greatest answers of all time:
Pork upine
Pot atoe
Naked grandma
Pie in the horse(whore?)
Padonkadonk/Weanie beanie/Pitched tent
Edit to add some:
Pork lawn/loin

Author — Bảo Ngọc


When you wanna say something inappropriate... "asparagus.", 😂😂😂

Author — Phileta Jackson


Last question: "We surveyed 100 women..."
Woman: *gives answer*
Steve: "You outcha damn mind..."

Author — spendle


Day 4, 567 of being single: Note to self, girls fancy Eyebrows.

Author — Zeivon Bradshaw


In the "eating a reindeer" defense there is a Weird Al song called "The Night Santa Went Crazy" where Santa does exactly that.

Author — Chris Beaty


The only one of these answers I had a hard time believing could be up there was asparagus, but honestly they are very liberal about giving you group answers on this show because the 100 people who answer probably gave many different vegetable answers so it needed to be concatenated into 1 option.

Author — Auxified


Random dude: “Asparagus”

Also that random dude not two seconds later, *clapping for himself:* “Good answer!”

Author — Lollol339 Bleh