Massu (Franco) - Franco & le T.P. O.K. Jazz 1986

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This song is unique for several reasons.

Obviously, because it's one of only two songs that have singer Jolie Detta on it, but more importantly, because of Franco's guitar part on it.

We like to think of Franco's guitar role as mi-solo, and the mi refers to the range of his playing. Lower, we usually find the rhythm guitar (Gégé Mangaya) and under that the bass (Mpudi Decca), above the mi-solo is the solo (here: Dizi Mandjeku).

But usually, Franco's part is the free part. On this song, however, besides the obvious solos he plays of course, Franco's guitar part is the very basis of the song, so seemingly not really free at all. His riff is what the whole song was built on.

He did this several times in his career, for instance on Malata
and in the 1980's he did it more often than ever before, but in this respect this tune is most certainly a favourite of mine.

Other examples are Mario, Makambo Ezali Minene, 12,600 Lettres, Non!, Tu Vois? (aka Mamou), all songs of a certain type, basically in the African Jazz school type of composing.

The subtle variations he plays in the riff are excruciating. But it's very, very easy to miss how wonderfully he does that.

That's why it deserves to be heard in the stereo mix, because in mono it's even harder to take notice. Just for once, ignore everything else and concentrate on listening all the way through to the guitar that you hear in the intro. Headphones might help.

And as if that is not enough of a signature of the master, remember: people were not used to hearing a female voice on an O.K. Jazz record at the time, he did a little backing vocal, too. But for most of the song, Jolie Detta does her own backing vocal.

The reason Detta did not make any more records with Franco after this one, was that this 18-year-old girl was not strong enough to carry the succes that came out of it. Children shouting her name at her in the street, etc. The succes was too much for her, so she became "sick", or at least, that was the way Franco put it.

The female vocal experiment was continued with Nana and Baniel, who contributed to three LP's.

About the great love and friendship between her and someone called Massu...later on, in the chorus, she said that jealousy, and too much curiosity (songi songi) killed their love and friendship. She is reminding Massu that they were good friends, they shared all together but they got separated because of Massou spreading all kinds of bad and untrue rumours about her. Every time she got something new and good going on in her life Massu was jealous and talking trash about her.

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Great rythm!! What a pity that those songs are still unknown here!!
Greetings from Greece!!!

Author — Βαφειάδης Ιωάννης Αλέξανδρος


Massu tozalaki ko tambola eh.
Tozalaki misato na groupe.
Toyebanaki manso ya mokili.
To kabwanaki po na nini eh.
Matongi elekaki biso mbeka eh.

Eloko ebomaki bo kamarade kaka songi songi.
Eloko ebomaki bo kamarade kaka songi songi.
Soki na zui ya ngai moto.
Ako tuna ngai, apesi ngai nini.
Ako tuna ngai, lobi na lambaki nini.
Ako tuna ngai, lobi na lataki nini.
Ako tuna ngai, couleur ya mobali nini.
Massu, talaka moto yo oko tonga eh.

Massu tozalaki ko tambola na yo.
O inventele nga nde makambo.
Makambo ezanga moto na makolo.
Okumbisi nga ngambo epayi ya mwasi ya ngana eh.
Massu, talaka bato yo oko finga eh.

Eloko ebomaki bo kamarade kaka makambo eh ya motindo yahi.
Eloko ebomaki bo kamarade kaka makambo eh ya motindo yahi.
Otonga moto eh, otiya ngai na kati.

Soki ba tuni yo,
obandi nayo ko yangana eh.
Massu, talaka moto yo oko tonga.
Ofinga moto eh, otiya ngai na kati.
Oseka moto eh, kombo na ngai na kati.

Author — Njuguna Mwaura


Congolese are the best musicians in Africa!!

Author — Brian Kitsao


La voix angélique de Jolie Detta associée à celle du Grand Maître Franco Luambo Makiadi donnent une musique agréable à l'oreille sans bruits comme celle de nos jours .

Author — Bernard Dimundu


To be realistic, the Congolese are music talented, let's call a spade a spade.

Author — John Omeno


I like this piece.. It sounds brand new in 2019. Anyone here ????

Author — ZoniBlack


Très jolie musique d'Afrique!
J'ai toujours été fan, depuis mon enfance, de bonne musique sortant d'Afrique, tels Youssou N'Dour et Angelique Kidjo, et bien sûr le Rai et autres musiques Maghrébines, et ça m'a fait plaisir de pouvoir connaître cette chanson si mélodique! Je l'ai découverte en travaillant dans un restaurant/crêperie français aux États-Unis dont la fondatrice et patronne est de Côte d'Ivoire. Une des meilleures expériences de travail que j'ai jms eu, elle m'a vraimt bien traîté!

Author — Jared G


What about the guitarists?They were absolutely amazing with their soothing beats! African Legends forever.

Author — Jack Submarine


This tune will forever remain a masterpiece

Author — TSM_ Emman


Congolese are good music composers and singers their music will Never grows old...Am so lucky watching this❤️

Author — Joseph abel



The song is about friendship. actually why the friends split up. I hope i did it justice, Lingala can be tricky to translate. but i think i got it right. !

Massu tozalaki kotambola eh
(Massu we use to hang out)
tozalaki misato na groupe
(we were 3 in the group)
toyebanaki manso ya mokili
(we knew everyting about each other)
tokabwanaki pona nini ?
(why did we split?)
matongi elekaki biso mbeka
(we were full of slander)

massu tozalaki kotambola na yo
(Massu we use to hang out with you)
o inventer le ngai nde makambo
(you create problem for me)
makombo ezanga moto na makolo
(problems that don't make sens(litteraly:problems without a head nor the feet lol)
okumbisi ngai ngambo epai ya muasi ya ngana eh
(you cause me trouble to someone's wife)
masu talaka batu yo'oko finga eh
(Massu, be careful who you insult)

eloko ebomaki bo camarade
(The Only thing that killed the friendship)
kaka songi songi
(was the your gossips)
soki nazui ya ngai moto
(if i find me someone (litteraly my someone)
okotuna ngai apesi ngai nini
( you'll ask me, what did he give me?)
okotuna ngai, lobi na lambaki nini?
(you'll ask me, what did i cook yesterday?)
Okotuna ngai, lobi na lataki nini?
(you'll ask me, what did i wear yesterday?)
Okotuna ngai, couleur ya mobali nini
(you'll ask me, what the man's color)
massu tala ka moto yo'okotonga
(massu, be careful who you gossip about)

Author — Hervé Greg Kabonte


from the first day i heard this song, i have never stop playing it. İ am from Nigerian, İ don't understand what is been said, but it is simply a good music. and i like jolie detta.

Author — Henry Ojiobodo


Everything from the saxophones, the guitars and the singing just blends into ecstasy you wont experience unless you're in heaven!

Author — Mwaba Phiri


trop de souvenirs. j'ai les larmes aux yeux chaque fois que j'écoute cette chanson. hummm la voix de jolie Delta!

Author — Jean claude Koffi


The only music that will remain for decades

Author — John Omeno


Who else is enjoying this masterpiece while in self-isolation?

Author — Ancient Wisdom


Je l'écoute en boucle !!! 
RDC mon beau pays <3<3<3<3

Author — Ashley D.


i dont understand a single word this lady is saying. But just her voice & the music is enough for me.

Author — Emy Mazen


La musique congolaise des 80s dans sa meilleure expression... morceau totalement indémodable. RIP Franco.

Author — alxtrxinwonderland


i once heard a version of Mamou (tu vois) with female vocals sl the way thru- anybody know how to find it? my all time Franco favorite

Author — Paul Siemering