Psychedelic Leads and Fx's with Wavetable from Ableton 10 / Psytrance, Fullon ,Twilight

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Hello Guys !

I haven't recorded any video for a while so today I coming back with fresh one :)
This video is about Wavetable synth which is included in Ableton 10 and it's shows that you don't need to have expensive plugins such Serum to make great psychedelic leads, fx's or atmos. Actually wavetable is great for every sound.

P.S. Sorry for bit too loud voice from my mic, and also sorry for any bad noises ;/ I have very shitty one and need to get proper microphone.
Sound is bit delayed in video ( don't know how to change it ;/ )
I'm not pro movie maker :) maybe some day.

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in following days I will make another movie with Wavetable and it will be killer psytrance bassline !! Stay Tuned my friend !

Author — Lukasz Zajac


Thanks ask a questions ;
I'm beginner on psytrance where to start?
-last questions;Why do 2 bass chanell?is it one necessary chanell bass ?

Author — Yasin Sabuncu


thank u dear lukasz ^_^ really intresting tutorial <3

Author — Oxytocin Official


I like this, do you have a video where you make the bass and kick from this video?

Author — Sigurd Werdammen


Hey Lukas nice tutorial.I have one question, can you make a tutorial how to make those psychedelic leads.Notes position and that...Thanks a lot

Author — nalogz amuziku