REACTION Vidbir Semi Final 2 - Ukraine 2020

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REACTION Vidbir Semi Final 2 - Ukraine 2020 5

If you have any suggestion, leave it down the comments section and i will do my best !

i film with my phone (samsung galaxy s6 edge)

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I'm from Ukraine and I really want Khayat or Go_A to represent my country at the Eurovision. Thank you so much for your reviews, they help a lot for me personally 😂 You know, to understand what do Europeans like etc))) Also I appreciate your love to Ukraine ❤️ That means a lot, thank you 💕
Дякую! ❤️🇺🇦

Author — Natalia Nytychuk


FO SHO for me should have taken the 3rd place

Author — MsLL


FO SHO were one of the best performances in this semi-final.

Author — Nat Maren


I also liked Khayat the most, and I really don't understand why David Axelrod is qualified for the final😁, but nevertheless the great final is going to be very interesting 🤩👍 Thanks for your reaction!❤️

Author — Kateryna Malko


Khayat was the best tonight, and with more polish staging in thr final I believe he could win Vidbir next Saturday
you're so cute, thanks for your vids)

Author — Natalie Tsuman


Please, make a react to Fo Sho. They were so good

Author — Marta Maria


Really disappointed Fo Sho didn't qualify, their performance was so much better than I expected! They definitely should've qualified over Horizon. It's a shame you didn't get to see it. Though the fact that you used the Lost And Found instrumental during the intro definitely made up for that!

Author — Wout Jan Westerhof


I am so sad that Moonzoo didn't qualify. I like only Tvorchi among those three that made it to the finals. They're my top 1-2 alongside with go_a

Author — As Df


Дякую за твоЇ коментарі щодо пісень.
Будемо чекати, хто переможе!😜😉

Author — Катерина


В прошлом выпуске, ты чувак прямо кончил в экстазе от Соловья прямо на камеру, а сегодня как то спокойненько реагировал. Значит твой выбор Соловей.

Author — Квак-Ша Болотная


David Axelrod so bored. FO SHO my favorite.

Author — Бородатий Мандрівник


You so cute😊😊😊thank you for your opinion and for your perfect Ukrainian😜 Khayat call for love my favourite too😉 wait for your reaction to final performance 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Author — Святослав Коваль


You should check Moonzoo it has more energy and is very creative.

Author — Nata Study


My favorites are also Solovey, 99 & Call For Love. Thanks for video! It's interesting

Author — Ксенія


For me:

1 Khayat
2 Go-A
3 Tvorchii
4 Jerry Heil
5 Krutb
6 David

Author — Thijmen Wind


I really love Khayat and his unique style but I still prefer Go_A and KRUTЬ to represent Ukraine

Author — irina1296


I would like to see your reaction for FO SHO performance)
thanks from Ukraine♥️

Author — shpakan


When you were watching David Axelrod, you mentioned "that guy from Russia" - could you mean Philipp Kirkorov?:D They indeed have something in common... Which is not good for our country in 2020. In 1990 that would be a hit, tho. There's a difficult situation concerning Axelrod, actually, in short: his wife is very influential in Ukrainian show business, and there're talks about corruption and how she bought a place for him in the final. Meh, whatever, I don't like him, although the vocals are good, it's true.
Many people are giving advice to Khayat how he can improve his staging in the final. It was the same before the semi, and he listened! Such a great guy with a good managers' team. I wish him to win and represent us.
A lot of hope was put on Tvorchi, the song is a bop, but the vocalist wasn't at his best yesterday, which disappointed a lot of people. I think this song is awesome on radio, but live? Not so much. Opinions divided in two here.
Most Ukrainians agree with you: it must come down to Khayat or Go-A in the end. Let's cross our fingers :)
From the 2nd semi, please also listen to FO SHO, MOONZOO and Garna.
Once again, thanks for a great reaction video!

Author — me0here0me0there


It would be very hard for me to choose only one winner because there are some singers which I 'd like to see on ESC. My favourites are - Khayat, Tvorchi and Go-A. Heelp, I can't choose😥.
This year's Vidbir was very strong, I didn't expect it!🇺🇦💓

Author — Ksyusha Grytsiuk


High key, Fo Sho were musically and vocally one of the best acts of Vidbir 2020 and it's really a shame that they didn't qualify. Personally this is one of those sad national selection disappointments that I'll remember for a while.

Author — Jordan Davis