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Ross Kemp: Back on the Frontline - Ross Joins the American Troops | Ross Kemp Extreme World 5

For the first time ever, Ross joins the American troops as they search for insurgents in a Taliban stronghold. Whilst with the American army, Ross learns more about the culture within the troops and also speaks to the local community to understand why there is such animosity towards the soldiers.

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Watching this in my phone lying down on my comfortable bed with snacks. Salute to you guys.

Автор — Things To Know


All them rumors you hear about the us military having great living conditions are the Air Force

Автор — Crumply


US Marines: Walk across field without using a mine sweeper

Ross Kemp: S H O O K

Автор — ProducShuns


“Permission to leave compound with squad”


“Roger, moving out”

Автор — Fishy Fishy


It's actually really nice how concerned he was for the Marines living conditions. I'm sure it was refreshing for them to have someone give a shit about their physical and mental health.

Автор — Karl P. Horse


“If you want a cot I’ll give you mine.”

American hospitality at its best

Автор — A Silly Squid


Rob was a Scout Sniper. He is in frame 3:11 in video chest tattoo. RIP Brother I miss you so much.

Автор — BetioBastardDoc


"They still are bigger than the combined forces of the United kingdom"

I feel small now

Автор — Alex Rich


Here in 2020 5 years after 2015 Afghanistan still isn't by themselves

Автор — Nandadulal Das


Starts off with an IED going off and everyone is like, "Hey is that us, Nope okay we're good!"

Автор — rajinbin


Ross: they didn’t sweep this field IED’s American’s: this is what we call balls to the wall

Автор — Loldope 48


"Now I'm back with...the Americans."
Ross is a bloody legend, can't even consider him a boomer.

Автор — TastySharpie


30:50 damn he straight up just shot his AK on accident....

Автор — User Name


He must have thought he was going to a air force base or something

Автор — Michael Leger


"I don't know what you're doing here, and I don't like it."

Автор — Firey Cookle


"Do not repeat what the Russians did here."

Too late.

Автор — The Ball


The USMC is ALWAYS under equipped! You want comfort go with the US Army or even better the Air farce.

Автор — ProjecthuntanFish


Lol they “may be one of America’s smallest forces, but they outnumber all the combined forces of the UK”😂

Автор — Nolan Thomley


These guys are cool. I love their attitude. Send anything their way and they'll handle it and have fun while doing it.

Semper Fi! from Hungary. Stay safe.

Автор — Atty's Thoughts



that man is going to kill someone, and not necessarily the enemy.

Автор — Drew T