Magnus Carlsen Gets Violently Checkmated

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Alireza Firouzja vs. Magnus Carlsen from Aimchess US Rapid 2021, part of Meltwater Champions Chess Tour.

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C4 explodes the position is the ultimate chess pun

Author — Jacob Budner


"Carlsen gets violently mated" sounds like his search history

Author — Chicheka


remember kids if you walked into mate in 1 it's not a "blunder" it's a "gentleman's resignation"

Author — lordofthesticks


“Getting forked IRL, not always the worst thing.” Immortal Levy quote.

Author — JACCO J


Levy: “Don’t walk into a trap your opponent sets during the opening.”
Me: “I can’t tell the difference between a trap and an opportunity.”

Author — Matthew Kirkhart


I love how when Magnus looks frustrated he goes from a very attractive man to an angry fire hydrant

Author — TheBee03


If you add "violently" to any title of a chess video it sounds 1000 times better

Author — Your Physics Simulator - YouTube Channel


dude, you're brilliant. Just started playing chess earlier this year. Played about 450 games and still feel like a total beginner (despite rising rating). What I've been looking for is somebody who explains in this detail. Awesome, thank you. I think you are going to help me improve my game in no time.

Author — riketscience


"Magnus gets violently mated" sounds like Hikaru's search history

Author — Abhishek Tiwari


"I think that was his only win of the day"

Why is it that whenever Alireza beats Magnus it seems to curse him?

Author — Harglblargh


That was an intense game. I probably wouldn't have lasted for long.

Author — Michael Shi


Magnus inserts his rook into Levy's open file

Author — John Chessant


Levi what you do to excite interest in chess is incomparable. The mixture of charisma, humor, relatability and teaching talent makes you unique. Appreciate a lot.

Author — Steve Becker, LCSW


Yes!! This Alireza game was so crazy, thanks for the recap Levy!

Author — Jonathan Abreu


I think when Magnus allows a checkmate over the board, it's a sign of respect to the opponent for what he considers a game well played.

Author — The Azrael


"Magnus gets violently mated" hmmm sounds very similiar to a certain yt comment??

Author — Miles Howells


Clicked on this faster than an 800 taking en passant.

Author — Quadacharia


"getting forked irl, not always the worst thing"
International Master Levy Rosman

Author — Sylenzo S


Levy you're so silly! Obviously the 4 best players for a 600 rated player is 1. Magnus 2. His Favourite Youtuber 3. Himself 4. That random guy who just checkmated him in 14 moves

Author — Rosimo01


Agadmator just posted the game! Fierce competitor you've got 🙂Love you levy❤

Author — Harsh Mishra CS