Lingmo Launch (Neil Sahota)

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Dec 12, 2016 - Lingmo Launch
Neil Sahota addresses the crowd on the future of translation technology.
Understand The World with Lingmo

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I know that this is different, but I have said for years, we teach deaf people to use sign language. Why not teach a universal sign language to everybody in school across the world, that way everybody that went to school it time would be able to talk to each other through sign language. I know that this will be the easy way out, but at least I know when I work to learn something new, I feel pride in myself for the effort and work I put in to learn something new. When Lingmo is working at 100%, it will be a great product for all of us.

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Good afternoon, I paid the interpreter for half a year, I can not get it! You do not send it to me, you do not reply to letters! I ask you to return my money!

Author — artem30122006