Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas 1994 [Full Album]

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The iconic debut full-length album by the original Princes of Norwegian Darkness, Mayhem. Recorded from '92 to '93, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, or "Lord Satan's Secret Rites", was the first true release by the group, despite having formed back in 1983 by three fellow Venom fans at an AC/DC concert. The band was formed by Euronymous, bass player Necrobutcher and drummer Manheim, and was meant to be the most extreme musical group the world had ever seen or heard. Following in the footsteps of Venom, Motorhead and Celtic Frost, the group transformed speed metal into a darker, more sinister genre of music, centered around grotesque lyrics, raw sound and infamous acts of violence and radicalism. By 1987, their eagerly-awaited first work, Deathcrush, was finalized and released, selling out nearly instantly in the underground music scene of Scandinavia. The band then adopted ex-Morbid vocalist Dead and pursued a short-lived legacy as the world's most extreme band. After Dead's suicide in 1991, Euronymous began looking for a new vocalist for his upcoming epic, the album that would become De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. Shortly before its release, Euronymous was murdered by his former friend and bandmate, Varg Vikernes, of Norwegian Black Metal band Burzum, thus bringing an end to the underground Norwegian Black Metal scene, and an end to the "True Mayhem". Though his body was left a corpse, his legacy lives on through his musical work and his ultimate creation, Mayhem.

Funeral Fog (0:00)
Freezing Moon (5:44)
Cursed In Eternity (12:09)
Pagan Fears (17:20)
Life Eternal (23:40)
From the Dark Past (30:38)
Buried By Time and Dust (36:05)
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (39:39)

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The drummer was fucking insane!

Well, technically he was probably the only sane person in the band, but you know what I mean.

Author — JazzMan


The more depressed you are, the better the music sounds

Author — Peasant


The thing I’ve noticed about Maniac, Dead and Attila being the voices of Mayhem is that they perfectly represented Mayhem at the time they were the vocalists in the band. Maniac’s vocals sound like... well, a crazy person’s screaming and let’s be honest... the band was crazy at the time. Dead’s vocals sound like a dying person screaming or a zombie, and he represents the deaths in Mayhem. Attila revived Mayhem’s voice so it’s appropriate that his vocals sound like an evil spirit.

Author — Arak Drakoniz


Varg Vikernes plays the bass on the entire album!
Euronymous' parents wanted Vargs bass tracks to be removed from the album, but Hellhammer, the only original member left, thought it would be appropriate to have murderer and victim together on the album..

Author — DolleHengst


I think I can hear Varg's hate of Euronymous through the bass

Author — Burzum Dunkelheit


The whole situation was a fucking tragedy. It's a miracle that we've got this album with all what had happened.

Author — ResidentEvil1993


"There is no point releasing an album, if it's not the best that is"
-Øystein Aarseth

Author — Pølcifer Pøffer


Sadly I am late to this party; but holy shit this is one serious album. My favorite album of 2020. The drumming does not get old. Great piece of music here.

Author — LV2Fish RN


Dave Mustaine sings pretty good on this album

Author — T B


1- Funeral Fog (0:00)
2- Freezing Moon (5:44)
3- Cursed In Eternity (12:09)
5- Pagan Fears (17:20)
6- Life Eternal (23:40)
7- From the Dark Past (30:38)
8- Buried By Time and Dust (36:05)
9- De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas (39:39)

Author — Martin Mareco


how did that drummers arms not fall off ... ? guy is a beast



"If your parents hate it, that means it's good!" Lemmy K.

Author — Lift and Play


Attila's vocals are 100% suitable for the music and the lyrics as well. They are very theatrical.

Author — Σωτήρης Παπαγεωργίου


I’ve honestly never been able to get into Black Metal’s “cold, northern atmosphere” or whatever-all they’re usually on about, but I’d never given this specific album a listen and it’s so much better than I expected. It doesn’t sound like it was recorded through a pickaxe and mastered in Mordor. I’ve enjoyed Darkthrone and Burzum, but this album and sound really works.

Author — B. W.


Bought this album from Norway when it was released. Still have the original pressing. This album is black metal at it's finest and has obviously remained timeless due to the bunch of new fans i see hear. An absolute masterpiece.

Author — Surly Wookie


"Following in the footsteps of Venom, Motorhead and Celtic Frost, the group transformed speed metal into a darker, more sinister genre of music...." So I guess Von, Sarcofago, Blasphemy, Mortuary Drape, etc are Speed Metal lol. Never let newbies be editors. Black Metal started with Venom. Deal with it. The only sound Black Metal has is Metal.

Author — Ohene Ifrit


Imagine DEAD (RIP) would do the vocals on this record. it would sound more raw, brutal and energetic i think.

Attilla sounds more atmospheric, mysterious, ghostly and unreal on this record. He gave "De mysteriis Dom Sathanas" this "more" special darkening & obscure feeling.

A grim, cold winter nightmarish album. Maybe my favorite Black metal Album out of Scandinavia...

Author — Nafetzkovski N


I feel that the predicament with Attila's vocals stems from the fact that many people listen to this record out of context in regards to when, how and under what circumstances it was made. It's like somebody watching Nosferatu in 2017 and bitching about the special effects and how "funny" the Vampire looks.

Author — Koukouroukou


I won’t lie I really didn’t like the vocals at first but then as the album kept going you realize Attila actually has a ton of range with what he can do with his voice, then you check out later Mayhem output and he’s fucking great, he improves so much since this album

Author — MrMMsuperstar


'I am a mortal, but am I human?
How beautiful life is now when my time has come
A human destiny, but nothing human inside
What will be left of me when I'm dead?
There was nothing when I lived'

that was beautiful

Author — Burak Osmancık