Coleman Hughes on Approaching the Third Rail with Bret Weinstein (Ep.13)

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

In this episode, I interview Bret Weinstein, an American evolutionary biologist and host of the Dark Horse Podcast - which I was on a couple of weeks ago. During this episode we talk about whether economics is the driving force behind ethnic conflict, the extent to which racial differences in average IQ are the result of nature or nurture, we spend a long time discussing cultural differences between groups that might account for racial disparity and the way in which history is used by social and political movements.



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These two give me hope. It is unbelievably refreshing to hear sense being spoken.
The Monster At The End of This Book, timeless classic. ☺️

Author — mtmcas


Fantastic job from the interviewer. Brett can be overly abstract and theoretical at times. Coleman did a good job pushing back when appropriate, and forcing Brett to be more concrete, and articulate the consequences of the theory.

Author — stri8ted


Love that both of them have their platforms. Expecting big things from Coleman in years to come his career is just getting started!

Author — Michael Regan


Wow. I am really looking forward to seeing Coleman’s career and philosophy develop through the years. What a necessary voice.

Author — Sir Realist of the Paranoiac Shore


I listened to the entire discussion .
How good to be able to do that .
I am cultivating the ability to LISTEN to comments & ideas that I don’t necessarily agree to.. and smoothing out my own slight tendency to want to defend my ideas & cancel others that oppose it. I see this time in our history to truly learn how to practice tolerance of multiple ideas that may not be in line with my own views .. Yay - me !

Author — Miss Merry Berry


So nice to hear Coleman mention Sowell’s amazing and under discussed essay on middlemen.

Author — Violins in the Void


What a brilliant conversation. Thank you for persisting and exploring, to the benefit of humanity.

Author — Christopher Moon


I love how Brett challenges Murray without demonizing him and calling him a racist.

Author — Arya Pourtabatabaie


Bret defies all space and time be being live on Youtube on both this channel and the Unity 2020 channel. Amazing.

Author — nofxdude89


Coleman Hughes is a singularly thoughtful and measured presence, the kind of person whose existence proves that young intellectuals can be a potent force for understanding through the use of dialog in place of histrionics. This is the silver lining in my summer of COVID-19. Starting with a liberal bias, but increasingly concerned with my comrades' dismissing of POTUS' supporters as moronic and immoral, I've had to learn that I can't drag any of them along this path with me. They seem to have decided that belief is truth, and their woke view of the world as immutable as that of their doppelgangers on the far right. The best I can do is share conversations like this electronically, and hope that one or two of them take the time to watch, and become inspired to see where it takes them.

Author — Barry Koch


Love this conversation and how civil and interruption free it is!

in terms of what sort of cultural levers can be pulled to help democratize the cultural strategies that work--I think something that was not discussed is how the idea of "cultural appropriation" is actively harming our ability to have these more cogent conversations at a high level. Shaming individuals for utilizing cultural elements outside of their birthgroup creates an environment where individuals are not able to shape their own culture, and evolve as a group. It creates a situation where freedom expression, and growth of aesthetics and ideas, is bound by the genetic characteristic, and not the "software" as Bret describes.

I think that embracing the sharing of cultural ideas-- to allow people of certain cultures to embrace elements of other cultures that resonate with them--would allow the conversation to happen. And it would allow individuals and groups to evolve their culture over time. In anthropology this is termed "cultural syncretism", and is a key component in the spread of music, dance, religion, and language throughout much of modern history. If we move to an environment where embracing another groups culture isn't shamed, then we can more easily have the conversation you guys are having, but on a large scale. I think this is something that people on a podcast could help us negotiate, that is also not a "top down" approach.

Author — David Tullis


I think that another factor downregulating our response to the plight of the Uigurs in China is that China is a nuclear power and represents a credible military threat that Rwanda didn't and is also the economic engine that we've all come to rely on to supply the entire world with cheaply made consumer goods.

Author — chiralarihc


The value of these two intellects at this moment cannot be overstated.

Author — Christian Chance


This was the deepest and most honest conversation about the race problem in the US that I've encountered. Great Job Bret and Coleman. Keep the discourse going.

Author — Manuel Alvarez


I do love the openness of Brett’s discussions. Loved the self-analysis involving the cleanliness of your car. Way to know yourself!! Way to be humble!!!

Author — Joanna Dutton


It was an oddly delicate conversation, cautiously treading fine lines. I congratulate both participants for having the courage to tread where others fear to dip their toes.

Author — Charlie Davis


Really enjoyed the conversation and Coleman did a good job of pushing back in certain areas. I really want to be a fan of Brett but he frustrates me with his lack of self-awareness. I will say that I appreciate his trajectory since the evergreen days

Author — Frank growley


Thank you gentlemen for your earnest efforts and insights on the issues raised by this podcast. I can almost hear the gears in your brains grinding and revolving seeking truths.

Author — Dip Do


One of the better conversations I've found. Keep doing what you're doing, Coleman.

Author — _ Gnann


Very very very good conversation, covers so much of what is unspoken in general discourse but desperately needs to be addressed. Wonderful synergy of two truth-seeking and insightful minds.

Author — No Where To Be Seen