Moto Z3 Play Review: The Phone With A Mod In The Box

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Moto Z3 Play Review: The Phone With A Mod In The Box 5

[Moto Z3 Play Review]

You know what’s cooler than a smartphone that lasts all day long? A smartphone that lasts all day long … and still has 80 percent battery left at bedtime. Is that enough to sell you on Motorola’s Moto Mod lifestyle? Let’s find out in the MrMobile review of the Moto Z3 Play!



MrMobile's Moto Z3 Play Review was produced following six days with a Moto Z3 Play review device provided by Motorola. The device was running prerelease software and was tested on T-Mobile US (via Project Fi) in Massachusetts and Connecticut, USA.


Moto Z3 Play [Amazon]:


“Stir Crazy” by Tonemassif, available at Premium Beat:

“Days and Days” by Eternity Bro, available at Premium Beat:

“Skyrocketing” by Vincent Tone, available at Premium beat:



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The way you narrate and express your feelings in every videos you make is what i really love about it. It's really pleasant to hear. It's like smooth sailing and watching the birds near the beach. What a cozy way to enjoy life. Anyways, as always good presentation and well detailed review courtesy of Mr. Tony Stark. 🤗🔥🤗😍

Author — Andrea LaineeeeV


One of the best reviews made. It's not the phone, it's the way this review is presented. This is like MKBHD, you just feel so pleasant watching his videos.

Author — Terence Ting


Ignoring everything else. Michael's hand is super stable

Author — husen boriwala


Why the hell did this guy still have 600K subscribers.. He should've atleast 1M subscribers by now

Author — Boobalan M


Wow this phone is MOD-Ern

Ok I’ll leave

Author — Jonah Dagher


I seriously can't say enough how this price isn't actually overpriced even a little compared to some other phones.

1. Display: It rocks OLED, which is more expensive to make, and obiously superior to IPS in many views (infinite contrast for example). For example, iPhone X was first iPhone ever to have OLED.
2. Snapdragon 636: If you dont play games with good graphics etc. you wont notice much or ANY difference compared to Snapdragon 845 and you will spare some battery power with it. If you dont believe me look for Moto Z3 Play vs Galaxy S9 video, (Z3 Play is faster in opening OS apps, and it costs twice less), also note Snapdragon 845 is 4 core while 636 is 8. If you are in Europe, you will also have bonus of having Galileo GPS.
3. Camera: check Z3 Play vs OP6 camera video, you will be surprized by results.
4. Speakers: check Z3 Play vs OP6 speaker viodeo, you will be surprized by results.
5. Carrier availability compared to some chinese phones you guys talk about or even OP6 means, you can get phone for much less since you can get it with plan, unlike those others.
6. Battery is great especially with combination of Snapdragon 636 and OLED, you can get more then 5 hours of SOT, better then all Pixels etc...
7. Close to stock android: you won't have any pre installed bloatware such as Huawei's have, and everything is optimized to Androids material design.
8. Moto mods; I don't actually use any, but for some people it might be usefull, its allways nice to have options.

So no, I don't think its overpriced, its good phone in lots of ways, I will however probably wait a bit and get it next year for ~ 250-300€.

Author — Haaveilen1


For $350, this is a go. For $500, I'd skip. I own a Z2 Play now and see no reason to get this. The pricing is too high. But at $300-$350, this phone is a go.

Author — James W


Every time I leave a moto Z, I always miss the batteries and gestures.

Author — Oroshamo


Motorola has lost the legacy of Original moto G and moto X which were about pure experience and great after sales support and quick updates. RIP Moto

Author — Rajesh Jha


Mr Mobile review: The Expert With Thinking Out Of The Box

Author — Sayantan Banerjee


I've still got the original Moto Z Play. I'm writing this comment with it.

Author — catsdgs ‏‏‎


I'm kind of confused on the support.
No more Z series phones?
Or the next Z phone won't support previous mods and introduce a new line?

Author — Labib Rashid Inan


I laughed at the same time as you Mr. Fisher (re: Windows phone owner comment in 2013) :D

Author — Mike Stevenson


Always love the narration, I never feel like I'm listening to someone reading a spec sheet on a website. Oh you and your fancy yet clever word play

Author — Nugraha Triputra


I swear everytime I hear you speak it reminds me of Keith Morrison from Dateline.

Author — Kalinna Vyacheslavovna


God I love your reviews! The editing and transitions are so satisfying and absolutely top notch!

Author — Sahil S


“with the other... seven of us” I laughed out loud.

Author — Péter Pápai


the script and voice over quality alone should make you subscribe to Mr. Mobile...

Author — Pedro Simas


This would have been the perfect Moto Z with only a few changes. I love the new fingerprint scanner placement, but I absolutely require a headphone jack. My AKGs just don't work as well with a low power dongle. The new screen aspect ratio is great, but that price hike is uncalled for. Keeping the gestures even without the front fingerprint scanner. And don't even get me started on the pathetically slow updates. They have a near stock experience, how hard can it be to update it. I'd also prefer if they kept the aluminum back from the Z2 Play. So close, yet so far... Shame

If it was $400 with a headphone jack, I'd buy one in a heartbeat. I am quite a fan of this line of phones.

Author — Isaiah Scott


I just got mine today, and it was a very good upgrade form a Galaxy J7. I am impressed with many things. I am so glad that you are here to review phones. Thanks Mr. Mobile.

Author — Jacob Parton