6 Great Financial Goals to Set for 2019 | Phil Town

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6 Great Financial Goals to Set for 2019 | Phil Town 5

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Author — Phil Town's Rule #1 Investing


My Financial goals is to pay off my credit cards this year, one main one is $17, 000 and to make 200, 000 this year by working as much as I can at two jobs to do so and one will be a sales jobs and make a budget and stick to it And try to read 4 books a month and make my marriage better and be an even better father to my 3 kids

Author — John Guillory


The key to saving money is to remember WHY you’re saving. If what you’re saving for doesn’t motivate you, it’ll be super hard to stick to it! -Akeiva

Author — The Bemused: Making Sense of Money 💰


This has the be the best channel I discovered in 2018.

Author — YouAreMopped


I haven't even watched this video yet, but I set some goals for 2019 a week before the new year... 1. I set a spending limit after gas groceries and bills to clear a certain amount on average each month. 2. plan to get my savings up to 3 months expenses. 3. pay off my car early while maintaining 3 months expenses. 4. split my car payment between my mortgage and 401k contributions. 5. get my savings to 6 months of expenses. 6. get my 401k contributions to 15%. 7. pay off my house early while maintaining 3 months expenses. 8. get savings back to 6 months expenses again. 9. based on my math I'll probably only get to step 4 by the end of the year, but it'll be good to have that car paid off early

Author — Ryan Cook


That story about your taxes is crazy scary and hilarious.

Author — Dionisio Theodoropoulos


*I start every year by investing in something that will actually make me better at what I want to master that year. The first thing I spend money for in a given year is often a book or a course. So, Become A Better You is the goal, I guess.*

Author — BABY FARM - Stock Market Research


Six great financial goals in 2019
1. Budget
2. Savings
3. Debt
4. Investing
5. Expense
6. Tax

Author — cetar bahana


I retired this year, collecting SS, trying to pay off my mortgage and minimize the interest I give the bank. This will increase my cash flow for 20 years. The extra cash flow will help my investment strategies. Waiting for my MOS companies to show up. Thanks for the help and time you spend on us. Happy New Year

Author — Martin from Sea City


My goal is to try and bump up my savings rate even more : )

Author — Investing Book Summaries


IRS tax systems seems so broken, and full of errors. It's their fault and they should PAY YOU money for the problems they caused you.

Author — Commando Master


Thanks for another amazing video sir. Let’s make 2019 a year to remember

Author — iimJacKaL


I promise myself to invest in real estate in 2019

Author — Jizzy G


Thank you for lovely content, we need to know how to find the best 5 or more companies to invest in this year. we love to here from you on this topic

Author — QATiLL Q.


My favorite company right now is DLTR: Dollar Tree! I'm also looking into PK as a spec stock. Once the firesale hits, I'll pack up on ROST and maybe some fun companies like Disney.

Author — DJ


in one year o wish havr my own home, money to live, travel, another citizenship

Author — Mandana Rostam


I’m reading the book that he’s referencing for how to develop these types of goals. That’s so funny.

Author — Karri Relaxedia


Hi my beautiful soul Phil! Love your work. I'm totally into to all that you do and all that Danielle does.

Author — suzanne bernard


My goal for 2019 is to continue my Rule #1 studies until I master them! And then I'll study more!

Author — Kay Waite


Thanks for the video! YNAB for setting a budget changed my financial life

Author — Fabien