Vernon Park Mall | A Dead Mall, Destitute and Bereft of Commerce | ExLog 44

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Thanks for viewing, everyone! This mall is a treasure. How many WB posters did you spot? Have you been to this mall back in the 90's? Let me know, and make sure to join the Discord and sub to my second channel!

Author — Sal


I worked at Stacy's from 85 to 89. Carson Poole owned it. Bob Sugg was the manager. Stacy's or the Sound Shop were the Places to work in VPM. Best pizza, fries and shakes ever. I was a cruiser . Got my first traffic ticket in this parking lot. Got engaged in this parking lot. Got ready for my Wedding at Merle Norman in this mall. My sons first trip out of the house at 3 days old was to VPM. What many people dont remember is that back in the day Nobles Bakery used to be in the mall as well. And the best store magic shop!!! Yeah Im pretty old LOL....48 in 2 I grew up in this mall. I loved it. A million memories live here. RIP VPM.

Author — Tina Wood


You were brave going in that elevator. If it had got stuck who would hear the alarm?

Author — John Dufton


I believe Karen was the only mallwalker, everyone else was running ahead to get away.

Author — Haydn Barker


In 1979 Carson Poole (the nephew of Roy) opened “The Biscuit House” where Stacy’s was. In 1983 Stacy Plummer started making payments and opened it as Stacy’s. In 84 I started as manager. That same year Stacy Plummer skipped town with instructions to continue making deposits. After a few months of the bills not being paid. We had to close. The next day we opened back up under ownership of Carson Poole.

Author — Bonnie Ireland


This mall is in my hometown. Stacie’s had really good subs and fries. When I was growing up, we went to the Sound Station music shop to get Ticketmaster concert tickets. My grandma loved to go to JC Penney and Belk and eat at the Chick-fil-A. After I graduated college, I feel like the only things left were Foot Locker, Belk, and the DMV.

Author — Jaimie


Brilliant. Thanks for that, beautifully produced. A pleasure to watch. I don’t know why I find these films so depressing, perhaps it’s because I lived through the glory years of Malls and it remind me of a time in my youth, when these sprawling buildings actually were the centre of the village, the town square of you like. They were our meeting places, our social events, a way to spend pocket money, discovery of the self You capture the essence of these places, and reverently recapture the glory of a by gone era. Your films are going to be viewed in the future much like we look back on the early films of the 19 century- snapshots into a way of life that is familiar yet represents a way of life we can’t quite relate to, a period of consumerism. Prosperity and a way of life unique to the twentieth century. Thank you for your work.

Author — Craig Gillett


Expressions was sort of a home decor store. Stacy’s has the best cheeseburgers and hand dipped ice cream! I remember going to the mall as a child (I was born in 86) it used to be the place to go! There was a chick fil a, dollar tree, game room, Claire’s, rack room, foot locker, hibbits sports, KB toy store etc. you could go there and do ALL your Christmas shopping!

Author — Nikki Harris


VPM in the day was the place to be, to shop, meet friends, eat and just have a good time. The memories of July 4th and the fireworks show after the mall closed and there was Christmas time. The mall parking lot overflowing across the streets into every vacant parking spot around the mall. The center part of the mall filled with decorations and Wow the people. So many people from all over, young and old, and you could barely move. Then came the changes to Kinston and I really believe one of the biggest reasons for VPM's death and the same reason Kinston died. Kinston truly was the hub of eastern Carolina in the day. Kinston was home to textiles and tobacco which gave it a foundation for jobs and money. Kinston had an airport with the only jet flight services in Eastern NC. Some companies began to move in giving Kinston a bright future for more growth. Then all the textile companies began to close, shirt factories, twine and fabric making companies gone, along with the jobs. The real death blow was the change in the tobacco markets and how tobacco was grown and sold and the really big money was gone. During that time Kinston was run by 2 or 3 very wealthy families and nothing happened here unless they approved, still it was a great place to live. However, the ruling family's decisions to stop other businesses from coming, left Kinston to stagnate. The other towns Greenville, New Bern, and Goldsboro grew while more and more businesses in Kinston closed. This meant young people had to move to find a job that paid more than minimum wage. There are groups, some local government, and people doing what they can to bring Kinston back but it will never be what it was in the day.

Author — dstroudnc


"The mercury vapor matrix wing" - best dead mall descriptive language EVER. Another great production, Sal - a pleasure to watch as always.

Author — Mazzy Collins


Spiritual successor to Dan Bell's Dead Mall Series. I love this, keep em coming please

Author — Jimbre


My god... So many memories rushed to me throughout this video. Kinston is where I was born and raised. The mall was my stomping grounds for YEARS! I'd say between the years 2000 and 2006 was when I was there often. Use to go there to shop and eat at Stacy's, Chick-fil-A, and Andy's (now Hwy 55). Also, I used to get my hair cut at the barber shop that was right beside Expressions. During my teenage years, I'd go there to hang out all day with friends, go on dates with girls, and skateboard outside the mall. They had a place called the Alternative Shop, which is where I would hang out and shop most of the time. They did piercings, sold skateboard related things, swords, daggers, incense, tapestries, adult toys, and all kinds of awesome stuff. They also had a suit of armor and a Morning Star weapon. The arcade was always a hotspot, as well. There was Radio Shack where I got my electronics. And, how could I forget the candy store! There were so many different kinds of candy in bulk that you could choose from that were in dispensers. You just grabbed a bag and filled it up with whatever candy you wanted and the man would charge by weight. Ahh... the good ol' days. At one time, they had a place named Animal Jungle which was a pet store. That's where I first saw a capuchin monkey; her name was Cassie. I have so many wonderful memories there and I hate to see it dead and empty like this. It used to be alive and thriving, especially during Christmas time. They would have a small train ride for kids, a huge tree, presents, huge displays, and a Santa Clause that would let kids sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. It was so wholesome and really got you into the Christmas spirit. Although I moved out of Kinston about 20 years ago, I would still love to see someone bring it back to life. I would definitely take a trip there every once in a while to soak in the nostalgia. Thanks for the video!

Author — Kevin Howard


So many memories in this mall. So many unique stores in the 80’s. So sad to see such a huge space wasted.

Author — T C


I gotta say, this mall looks real spooky at this hour. And given that only the barbershop is still open... You could probably film a horror movie back there. Would love to go back to this place, but I feel it may be too late now...

Author — Doomie Grunt - Dead Malls & Derelict Digs


It sure is sad to see all these malls that were so thriving and now they're dead makes me kind of sad to even look at it knowing that people's lives were in that mall

Author — Ray Lamascus


I have so many memories in this mall. Thanks for bringing them all back :) Actually had me tear up a bit..

Author — Kyra Tyndall


This is the mall I grew up in, I can see the past as you walk around.

Author — Spark Coaching


"Mall Walking with Karen" had me in stitches! How do you find these treasures?

Thank you, Sal! This was a great experience. The stationary blue dining tables in that cluster was a very unusual place for it.

Author — Gary Gans


Loved the video!! Holy cow.. this hurts my heart. I grew up coming here, I got my school clothes from goody’s! And ALWAYS had to visit the big ol kitty in the pet store. 💔

Author — Elise Normile


Hi Sal,
Expressions (from what I can remember as a kid) was a giant home decor superstore in the early 2000s. Probably comparable to a HomeGoods or a Pottery Outlet of today. I was born and raised in Kinston NC and actually had my very first job at the age of 16 working in the JCPenney at VPM. Stacy's had FANTASTIC hotdogs and was a frequent stop for ice cream as well. Hope some of this sheds some light on your visit 👍

Author — Zack Stroud