Alien 3 - When Studios Interfere

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Alien 3 - When Studios Interfere 5

Enjoy this in-depth discussion on the extensive pre-production of Alien 3, failed drafts, recycled ideas and the eventual theatrical cut. We also discuss the differences between the theatrical cut and the assembly cut, and which is better.

Chris Stuckmann
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Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223

Chris Stuckmann and Matthew Brando review Alien 3, starring Sigourney Weaver, Charles S. Dutton, Charles Dance, Lance Henriksen. Directed by David Fincher.

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Not for nothing... "When Studios Interfere" would be a great regular series.

I could think of a dozen shows to delve into.

Author — David Kahnt


I have a Weyland-Yutani shirt, but where do I get the Fiorina shirt?

Author — Special EDy


"it's bad."
"Yeah but here's why it ended up so bad."
"That doesn't make it not bad tho."

Author — scotcheggable


I’d like to think that Alien 3 and resurrection were just Ripley’s dreams while she was asleep

Author — Jason Gild


I love Sigourney Weaver, but the demands about no guns was insane.

Author — Barrel Roll Gaming


Can you imagine how this movie would have turned out if they gave the great David Fincher full control over the project?

Author — Questionable


*Fun Fact:* Some of the original ideas for Alien 3 were used as the plot in Alien Isolation Game.

Author — Mr.ScaryPasta


"This is a maximum security you have no guns! Of any kind?"
*ME*: Yea thanks to you apparently HAHAHAHA

Author — TheMinarus


Alien³ to me was a non-stop Industrial NIИ music video...

Author — BytemeVV -


When studios interfere:

Spiderman 3
The Thing (2011)

Just imagine what these two movies could've been if the director have the rights to make their own decision without any interference.

Author — JL Artworks


Shout out to 'The Game'? No one ever talks about that movie, it's great.

Author — Norrin Radd


this breakdown has brought a deep level of appreciation for this film considering all the bullshit David fincher had to put up with

Author — XFlashbacks


I think Matt Reeves should direct an Alien movie

Author — Damien Khan


I've seen Alien 3 multiple times growing up. Seemed like it got regular rotation on late-night cable. The shots are memorable, and the score packs some punch.

Author — 12ealDeal


"I didn't like it, but then something happened in college."

Drugs? It was drugs wasn't it.

Author — Lady Wanderer


2020: Studios interfering in film productions is still a thing.

Author — Jordan Carpenter


"Alien 3: The Compromise Cut"

Author — NoCultist


When I was 15 I got the alien anthology set for my birthday. I'd only ever seen the first film and was looking forward to watching the sequels. I loved Aliens so much that I immediately put on Alien 3 afterwards. As soon as Hicks and Newt died I turned the movie off and went to bed upset. The next evening I decided to give the film another chance and started watching it again. As I sat watching the movie, I found myself becoming invested in the character of Clemens and his intriguing backstory. I believed that Clemens was the new male hero and I was shocked and annoyed when he's suddenly killed and then instantly forgotten about. By the time I got to the end of the film I didn't even care when Ripley sacrificed herself. Alien 3 desensitised me to death and I've always associated it with the randomness and fragility of life and the inevitably of our demise. The only question is how we check out....

Author — Obscure Entertainment


I love the nihilism in this movie. In fact I like the nihilism in all the alien movies including the most recent ones.

Author — Michael Balchaitis


The problem I have with newt dying is it makes all the effort to save her in Aliens completely worthless. They saved her for nothing.

Author — Joe Shmoebies