Juiced Up - The Consequences of Steroids: SWOLE Ep. 3

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Juiced Up - The Consequences of Steroids: SWOLE Ep. 3 4.5
Over the better part of this century, bodybuilders have increased the natural performance of their bodies by using artificial substances. In episode 3 of Swole, we talk to a medical expert about the consequences from the use of anabolic steroids while following the daily routine of Mike Bolkovic, a bodybuilder who’s been injecting testosterone for the past eight years. Mike shares with us how the drug impacted his lifestyle and personal relationships.

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Steroids might take you to the "next level, " but even the most ardent users recognize there are often debilitating side-effects.

Author — VICE Sports


women - if I work hard enough, I wont have to strip anymore. Men - if I work hard enough, I can be a stripper.

Author — Jeffrey S


Test 400: Side-effects may include half reps in the smith machine and leaving 200kg on the bar on the floor.

Author — Nicholas


He says using roids "opened a lot of doors", yet he is a bouncer for a club

Author — Thomas Just


At least he's honest. Most of the people nowadays claim they're natty, even though they're not.

Author — Just Some Guy without a Mustache


"I plan on having kids in the next few years" Lol, no you don't.

Author — ukulayme2


And not a SINGLE rep was completed that day.

Author — Andrew H.


This dude too emotionally unstable to be using steroids.

Author — Justin Todd


These dudes act like they're all walking around looking like Ronnie

Author — Cam D


You go from looking good for the ladies to looking good for other gym Bros....

Author — William N.


When you take steroids and you re clueless about training prog and nutrition, you will look like these guys

Author — Marouane Filali


6:30 "steroids opens up a lot of doors"....still live with their mothers

Author — Jason Wong


Why he sounds like he wants to just start crying?

Author — Nikt Szczególny


1:35 "how many guys dont look good that takes steroids?"

Well im looking at 3 of them right now

Author — Anabolic Jesus


6:30 "Steroids opened up a lot of doors" stand outside doors and open for others as a bouncer

Author — Arpit Agarwal


"It's a lifestyle"

No, dude, it's a drug addiction!

Author — My Imaginary World


These buffoons couldnt walk 1 mile without having to stop just to take a breath...

Author — Yutube SuspendedMyAccount


I'd be embarrassed to call myself a bodybuilder looking like that😂😂

Author — John Rodriguez


"PEDs open a whole new spectrum of life, I could be a male stripper" LOL

Author — nauthiz1001


Theses guy may have big muscles put they all have bird brains.

Author — Jesse Alcantar