12 Most Amazing Unexpected Military Finds

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12 Most Amazing Unexpected Military Finds 4.5

War is a very untidy thing. Even when it's over, debris and detritus are left spread across battlefields, and can end up buried deep in the earth waiting to be discovered again years later. Some of the old war artefacts you're about to see in this video will provoke a sense of wonder, while others might make you feel a little sad, but all of them will show and tell you more about the recent history of warfare on our planet, and the people who fought in those wars.

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I live near a ww2 us army base and there are the hidden remains of a ww2 era us jeep

Author — That one weird kid 8524


everybody gangsta til the wehrmacht pulls up with triple barrel tanks

Author — ArcanumAether


Let’s just suppose that the man that found the hand grenade had enough common sense to see that the pin was frozen or even imagine that he was a veteran maybe and had thrown a few grenades like the one he found

Author — Joseph Winkler


7:45 final battle between Japanese and Australian troops, show image of Chinese troops

Author — icecold fellow


Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, The Dude got Click baited, and so did you!

Author — The Dude


FIX YOUR bed is TOO loud when there is no VO.

Author — Evlengr


"We may never understand why a couple in Florida would..." Ohhh but yes we do

Author — Dominic Garren


I love old war stuff. I think I read every book in our high school during my last years there one story that I was told is my uncle went threw the desert ca pain and never receive a strach he came home and his firs year back his young wife creased his skull with a bullet

Author — Francis McClaughry


4:23 hey guys where should we put the activity center?

oh just on the live german warhead

Author — scp foundation


talks about Japanese then shows Chinese soldiers from the Nationalist army

Author — DaithiKerr68


I don't think I'd want to be digging around in London with a backhoe machine anytime soon. Thanks, I'll stick with other jobs that don't involve unexploded 1000 lb bombs . lol

Author — AmericanThunder


They still find bombs all the time in Berlin Germany, especially in the Neukoelln area where the bombers began walking their bombs on target. In the 90's they found one under the playground of my daughters elementary school. I have a German bayonet I discovered while diggning a bunker in the Gruenewald. In another case in West Germany a high school student found a grenade and took it to school to show around... the school and police were not real happy.

Author — LSW


"and some french tanks too"
shows tiger 1

Author — Orue


Judging from the thumbnail, I already know the content in this video would be wacky

Author — Oc Boi


What's that background music I want to know I love it

Author — Destini Shelton


Good script but it's a pity any random pictures were thrown in throughout.

Author — Tilly Tilford


That carved flask broke my heart💔😢 I hope he made it home to his love...

Author — Mister Angel


That's just Florida for you o my 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Sketchytrickzz


2:51 no border in Belarus but thru Ribbentrop-Molotow line, that was going thru Poland who both, then allies attacked in September of 1939 :)

Author — Kamil Grabarz Styczynski


On the Blitz Bomb: In Germany we unearth an average of 3000 Allied live bombs and air mines every year even to this day. Nothing "amazing" about it but rather ghastly...

Author — Winterx69