Easily Create LOWER THIRDs in Premiere | Motion Graphics Tutorial

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Easily Create LOWER THIRDs in Premiere | Motion Graphics Tutorial 5

Creating lower thirds can be a great way to display information about a person or a topic. In this Adobe Premiere tutorial, SonduckFilm will show you how to create a great lower third for your video projects. Motion graphics in adobe premiere can help you keep in all in one application.

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Really helpful but have to watch at .5 or .75 speed to understand.

Author — balec


3:46- we copy the lair ONLY in the bin and only then in the time line, otherwise both of the titles will be influencts from the change of color. Took me an hour of anger to find the mistake.

Author — David Koren


Can u please tell me how can i save it as a preset. I mean to say that If I want to use the same lower third in an another place so what is the shortcut? I just want to change the name further after making the first lower third. Please help me

Author — Nilanjan Mandal


For those asking about making this a template, I actually built this follow the tutorial but incorporating the layers in a layered graphics build from the essential graphics tab and was able to save it for a clients new lower third.

Author — Ryan Fowler Photography


Thanks sooo much!! This helped me A LOT after trying for weeks!

Author — Msmotionocean


I LOVE the speed. I can follow it and I hate tutorials that go too slow :)

Author — Cameron Versluis


Whoa! Great end product, but slow down, bruh! I've had to watch the bit where you start duplicating layers MULTIPLE times. At about 5:22, you duplicate a matte, and then at 5:23, it disappears. I was like, "Wait, what?" Couldn't you have just edited that bit out?

Author — Jeff Tharp


Thank you so much. One of the best tutorials out here. Lots to practice and execute to become better at it. Cheers.

Author — Vinay Dhareshwar


I dont have the effects preset on my premiere. Do I have to download it separately or should it be there? If I have to download it, where? Thanks

Author — Alexandre Praz


can you save these animations so you dont have to make it every time for every subtitle in an entire video?

Author — Kaylee M


Thank you bro this is what I needed for long time 😍😍😍😍

Author — Chetan Pawar


Geez. Its hard when nothing works the same as in your version. (for some reason)

Author — Mr Jee


If I want to make like this intro video for my company, can you make it for us?

Author — jaydhar savaliya


Bro I love to watch your videos.. because your way of teaching easy to understand.. but I need some more gaming lower third animation

Author — samurai


You really need to name all the titles and stuff..

Author — TikTokHay


As a beginner it's quite complex to me

Author — Maaz Miz


Thanks for this video. Appear to have the issue that when I copy and paste it changes the original text/colour matt. Any way to protect the original so I can copy, paste then edit the new copy?

Author — Two Scots Abroad


Wondering is it easier to create lower thirds in after effects or Premiere? Or does it depend on what I want to combine project with for use later. Like if I want this on something I'm working on in after effects I should use after effects lower third not premiere?

Author — crypt clown


intro music is so goood. Send me link please

Author — Tamil Video Gamer


At 6:29 I've been trying again and again and the White bar doens't flow at the same speed as the black rectangle. Any ideas how to fix it?

Author — MikeSenzanome