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Today I head over to Brooklyn to enjoy the Brooklyn Museum, a famous art museum here in New York City.

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💬 Comments on the video

Thank you Jacob! I've never been to this museum or NY and I really appreciated this beautiful inside view!

Author — All about Mee!


Thanks Jacob, I thought from the thumbnail it was from Morocco. :-)

Author — apntv


Love Brooklyn! We'll be there next week & we're definitely going to Brooklyn Museum. 👍🏻

Author — Kimberly Cochran


A very amazing video! We need more videos about New York skyline.Thanks a lot.

Author — Ника Гасай


Loooove the Brooklyn Museum! We went to a Christmas party there and it was BEAUTIFUL! And of course, we've been there to see the exhibits :) I think the last time we went they had the sneaker (head) exhibit. Can't wait to see your Morocco videos :)

Author — The NYC Couple


Jacob back at it again with the sick museum

Author — TheTravelingClatt


My family and I went to the Brooklyn Museum as of November 4, 2017 for my birthday. And we had a good time looking over the paintings, books, old historic figures, rare antiques, picture frames with pictures inside them, like the Mona Lisa, and pottery as well. My wife and my daughter went to the cafe to get a quick bite and I went to the gift shop to get a book for my daughter entitled "Listen! Listen!" By Ann and Paul Rand. And so we had a good time here. So all in all this is a great museum to go to.

Author — Saji Kochumman


wow!  even that spiral stairs looks real artistic while looking down too..

Author — GlassLegend#


It's fantastic. It's like Spiderman''s college.

Author — Daniel Ichim