2019 GOC Mannheim - WDC AL Amateur LAT - Presentation Samba

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German Open Dance Festival 2019, Mannheim/Germany - WDC Amateur Latin

_Final Results:
1. Daskalov Peter - James Zia ENG 85
2. Bigus Maksim - Rozgon Angelina UKR 288
3. Bartkiewicz Michal - Omyla Wiktoria POL 250
4. Gadko Konrad - Jaszewska Angelika POL 103
5. Mengju Li - Xuejiao Yu CHN 85
6. Kotov Viacheslav - Jedwabna Weronika RUS 178

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For many  of todays dynamic power dancers this one is a tough piece of samba  music, because its rather mellow and doesn't have a huge thumping beat to extenuate.  It looked to me like all couples except Peter and Zia to varying degrees struggled to relate to it really well musically. So Peter And Zia were a long way in front and disserved the win here.

Author — Joe Testa


Very nice, got my eye on Petar and Zia.

Author — Babbycatt


HORRIBLE MUSIC. Impossible to dance to. These performances are not good. Samba is enjoying the bounce on one spot, progressing slowly, not rushing to get the heavy train, frenetically moving around. Samba music must have the stress on one beat. In the future, the entire music disaster in many competitions will be REMOVED, and simple piano or other instrumentals to very simple themes be mandatory. It is unforgivable that Germany present to the world such noise machine train rush music.

Author — Helge Christophersen