The Allies Invade Iran, Barbarossa Continues - WW2 - 105 - August 29, 1941

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The Allies Invade Iran, Barbarossa Continues - WW2 - 105 - August 29, 1941 5

The British and Soviets work together invade Iran, while Barbarossa trudges ever on, with heavy losses. Bletchley Park intercepts German messages, and unease grows among the German public.

Written and Hosted by: Indy Neidell
Director: Astrid Deinhard
Producers: Astrid Deinhard and Spartacus Olsson
Executive Producers: Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson, Bodo Rittenauer
Creative Producer: Joram Appel
Post-Production Director: Wieke Kapteijns
Research by: Indy Neidell
Edited by: Iryna Dulka
Sound design: Marek Kamiński

Colorizations by:

- National Portrait Gallery
- Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe
- Yad Vashem: 1249_67, 1249_4, 4613_1055, 57_15, 7271_40a

A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH.

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You see, you learn something everytime, i never EVER heard Iran was touched in WW2, thanks for the video!

Author — AunknownMan 9000


"Not My Fault"
-A memoir of German officers in WW2

Author — Український Уpод


Allies to Iran:You're being protected.Please do not resist!

Author — Haid


One aspect that I think isn't stressed enough about German losses so far is that Germany lost its BEST men during this period: the elite panzer divisions that spearheaded the advance took most of the brunt and the casualty rate among their officers who were often in the hearth of the action was staggering.
Replenishing such capable and experienced men was not an easy feat.

Author — Guglielmo Cellerai


Iran was historically unfortunate to be invaded in both World Wars despite declaring neutrality

Author — zain mudassir


One would think that after the Soviets blew up a massive dam, heralded as a symbol of pride for the Soviet Union, which kills thousands of its own citizens, it would dawn on the German High Command that taking Moscow probably won't deliver the knockout blow they believe it will.

Author — Artrexis Lives


7:56 - I was so much expecting "Keitel, Jodl, Krebs and Burgdorf"....

Author — Piotr Rybiński


7:55 "Everyone in the room including Keitel, Jodl, ..."

me: "Krebs, and Burgdorf"

me two seconds later: wait

EDIT: beaten by another guy who got there first

Author — taufiqutomo


"You have a lot of oil. We need to protect it."

Author — Valdagast


On 27 August 1941, another important incident that changed course of Battle of Atlantic occurred : One of invincible German Navy's super submarines U-570 with one of most seasoned(!) and veteran(!) crews (I am joking of course, German Navy slashed down submarine training and orientation period from five months to two months and paid the price dearly) surrendered to one RAF Coastal Command Hudson aircraft on the surface. When RAF Hudson bomber crewed by Lt. James Thompson and his crew located U-570 on surface off Iceland and began dropping depth charged (they missed though) inexperienced German crew panicked, overwhelmed officers of U-570 (when depth charges began to drop left and right submarine captain Hans Rahmlow was almost lynched by his own men who were mostly seasick since beginning of their patrol), rushed topside and began to wave white sheets and flags, displaying they surrendered. A well trained U-Boat crew would and could crash dive and escape easily (Thompsons aircraft exhausted all of its bomb load) but a false rumour that chlorine gas leak in engine room, panicked entire U-Boat crew to get out on topside of U-Boat, officers of U-570 couldn't control their men. When U-boat crew sent signal by light in morse code that they wished to surrender, Thompson at the control of his aircraft wondered : "This must be first in history, an aircraft takes surrender of a submarine !" Thompson replied back by light that if they dive he would blow them out of water then asked reinforcements, two more RAF Hudson bombers arrived a few hours later (while Thompson's aircraft constantly circled above and continued his bluff for six hours before returning to Iceland due to fuel shortage. Later, at Buckingham Palace, King George awarded Thompson and his copilot-navigator, Coleman, the Distinguished Flying Cross) U-Boat officers and captain Rahmlow begged to be rescued and made no hostile attempt or scuttle their vessel when eight hours later Royal Navy ASW trawler HMS Northern Chief arrived and evacuated the German officers while a RAF Catalina flying boat also arrived and relieved Hudson bombers. Again no one tried to scuttle the U-Boat since otherwise HMS Northern Chief indicated by light that they would not be rescued from sea. Next day Royal Navy destroyer HMS Burwell and Canadian destroyer HMCS Niagara and another ASW trawler HMS Kinston Agate arrived to the scene, evacuated rest of the disgraced crew of U-570 and towed captured German submarine to Iceland. (which was almost complately intact with all of its equipment, secret papers, Enigma keypads and codebooks. Except a few cracked batteries and smashed fire control computer U-570 was totally intact when Royal Navy got hold of her)

Funniest thing of all : There was no chlorine leak in engine room of U-570. If her crew has been trained better, a half trained crew could dive and escape. U-570 was renamed as HMS Graph and joined the Royal Navy. Royal Navy learned a ton of secrets about technical capabilities of U-Boats thanks to this capture, making their anti submarine tactics develop further by test diving and target practice, and measuring their equipment performance (most of this data was also shared with US Navy along a few torpoedoes of U-570 dismantled and sent to US so US Naval experts could examine them)

Author — merdiolu81


Britain: *Will eventually have a Dambuster Air Raid.*
USSR: "In Soviet Russia, we bust our own dams ourselves!"

Author — David Beach


> talking about WW2 Iran
> shows IR Iran flag on the thumbnail
OK Indy.
(edit; thanks for fixing a thumbnail)

Author — Kringe


Add to this the US coup of the 50s, and it is no wonder Iran hates much of the West.

Author — Sword of Tauberg


6:31 rare picture of a german officer checking google Maps for directions on his MacBuch Luft!

Author — Schneduard


This feels like a repeat of WWI where the Allies protested in defense of Belgian neutrality, only to violate Greek neutrality. Now they defend Polish neutrality but invade Iran.

Author — Prins van Oranje


A side story: Story of three Iranian soldiers who bravely resisted the red army and managed to stop them for several hours while the were crossing the Aras river near the city of Jolfa. They resisted despite their commanders fleeing the front.

Author — Heybat


Yes, conquering Ukraine (for food) and the Caucasus (for oil) is much more important than conquering Moscow. The Axis has fuel and food shortages, thus conquering Moscow is useless.

Author — dragosstanciu


Some playful patterning, but a very wearable tie thanks to the chosen colours. A respectable 3/5

Author — Gianni Verschueren


Spoiler: wrong flag is used for ww2 Iran.

Author — Mohammadsab


These crimes on civilians are even more terrifying than already terrifying loss of life on the frontlines..

Author — MirzzG