Is It Bad To Eat Before Bed? Or Can It Help You?

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Eating before bed can be tempting and hard to overcome. We want to eat food all the time and can find it challenging to work around. How can we improve the way we go about our days and nights.

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I am a Certified Personal Trainer! I have my GLPTI and I currently study kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario. I compete in Men’s Physique. I have helped and continue to help clients lose weight, from 15-65lbs+! Adding muscle will occur in a healthy way 24/7.Questions on fitness, gym, bodybuilding, supplements, workout splits, dieting, intermittent fasting, alternative workouts to do for certain muscle groups etc. My fitness journey will be highlighted as my sports are soccer, football, and track. Healthy ways to improve sleep, energy, hydration, diet, and your workouts. How to get motivated for your goals/workouts. Popular topics will be met like: How to keep abs through a bulk? How much abs do I have to do to get a clear six pack? What supplements work? How to improve recovery & stretch? What to put in my post workout smoothie? How to get rid of love handles? Best food for losing weight? Best food for gaining weight? How I overcame bullying & More!

Your goals are my priority and I want to meet them to the best of my ability. When you engage with my fitness and health content; not only does it allow me to give you more videos but at a higher quality. My dream is to provide you content professionally and best support the community. Dieting can be a challenge, and really slow down the rate at how you reach your fitness goals. Especially if you are into the fitness aesthetic. However, having workouts that are keen to the point and directly correlate to productive schedules are needed.


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