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Movavi Video Suite 2020 Review❗❗❗ 4.5

Movavi Video Suite 2020 Review and an interview with the people behind the program.
You can always download a free trial to check out how cool the Movavi Video Suite 2020 is!

00:36 - an interview with Steve Zubkov, a content manager of the Movavi Video Suite project.
05:02 - the menu and features of the new Movavi Video Suite 2020.
06:54 - stock content, build-in store and online courses.
08:35 - screen recording app.
10:40 - media file conversion, format changing, file resizing.

Movavi Video Suite 2020. What kind of program is that? How is it different from Movavi Video Editor? And what’s new in the 2020 version? These are the questions we’re going to cover today. This is our special episode on the new Movavi Video Suite 2020.

Video Suite isn’t one program but a whole software package! The programs included in the Suite are sorted out into several categories.

The largest number of tools can be found in the Video tab. If you want to make a video for YouTube, capture your screen, quickly change video format, or edit a video – this tab is where you need to go. There's also a video player and an analog-to-digital converter for TV-tuners and VHS-players.

In the second tab there are apps for recording sound, audio conversion, burning music to a CD, and audio playback.

Although the program is called Video Suite, it still has a couple of tools for working with photos. These are: a slideshow program for making slideshows and an image converter where you can upload entire folders and change the size and format of multiple photos at once.

In order not to get lost in the number of options, you can add the most frequently used apps into the Favorites. By default, there are 3 programs in this tab – Video Editor, Video Converter, and Screen Recorder – but you can customize it to your needs.

Another cool feature is quick commands. For example, if you click "Start recording", Video Suite will start capturing your screen at once without opening the program window first. The same way you can instantly create a new video project or choose files for conversion.

The new 2020 version introduced three new updatable sections: Stock Content, Applications, and Online Courses.

If you click “edit video”, it will open Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020.
This is a very intuitive program for making videos and slideshows. It has a great set of the most useful editing tools along with built-in effects, filters, transitions and titles.
Also, you can add additional tracks on the Timeline for even more advanced video editing.

The next program within the Suite is Movavi Video Converter. It includes several useful tools. Not only can you convert videos, images and audio to different formats, but Movavi Video Converter also allows you to change the resolution, bit rate and codecs. It also allows you to lower file sizes and even edit video files.

When you open the screen recording tool, it might be hard to notice at first glance. It's become a nice small tab on the side of your screen. If you want, you can move it around or hide it by clicking the arrow. It allows you to record screencasts and instantly share screenshots.

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what confusion. Be straightforward with your marketing and advertising. I went to buy and was baffled.

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Thank you for this video, we're looking for a video editing software for our channel and been bouncing between movavi, filmora and others. Still unsure, but movavi does look solid!

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can the videos made in movavi be stored in a cloud platform of yours?



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Movavi sends out quarterly updates, which they call upgrades, and charges approximately $50 each time. Look at spending $200 a year on this program for their absurd updates which every other software company provides for free. Get ready to be scammed.

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Hello, I could not find any references even in your website in regards to number of video tracks allowed. Can video editor basic or plus on Windows version can have more than two video tracks so we can have collage video or split video screens not only side by side(overlayed). Appreciate your answer and link might be useful.

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Is movavi one time paid editor or need to paid monthly?



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hi!! I have bought movavi suite 2020 but it is not ale to download any sample media files... what to do



Don't buy this product. I purchased almost $150 of their products and only received one of the products. They didn't respond to my questions of why the first product didn't work and why I had not received the 2 other accommodating ones, nor why they failed to send me 2 discs of the programs of which was also paid for.

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I bought this on STEAM and want to know why I can't find EXTRAS.

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How do I speak with a live person? I paid for Movavi Video Plus under my Yahoo account. Unfortunately, my phone number and cell had to be changed. New number wasn't updated in Yahoo so now I am unable to log into Yahoo because it keeps sending confirmation to my old number. Since I am unable to log into my Yahoo, I purchased your Effects Annual Package for $99 back in June using my Gmail. Now I have Video Suite Plus but I am unable to have activate the effects package. I have the key that was emailed to my Gmail. I've also tried to see if I can update my email in Movavi plus there is no option to do so. When I click on "Purchases" I see Video Suite Plus under my Yahoo but only see Effects prescription under my Gmail. How can I activate the subscription where I purchased Video Plus software?