Silhouette Registration Marks for Print and Cut: How to use it

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If you have 8.5 x 11 paper (which is the print border showing in the video) then most of the registration marks won't get printed, since they're outside the print border, right? Or are you printing on 12x12 paper?

Author — Sean Tubridy


Thanks so much; I've learned a lot from your tutorials. I followed your simple instruction to print & cut gift tags. Worked beautifully on the cut portion, but the print quality was poor. I printed a blank page with the registration markers to .PDF and imported that into my graphics program. Designed my tags in that program and exported the page as .JPEG. I then opened the .JPEG in Studio, traced it and sent it to the Silhouette and it cut as desired again. Unfortunately, I forgot the ink from an HP printer takes 24 hrs to dry. It doesn't look wet, but it is. This clogged the blade and, although it continued to cut, very thin slivers of ink covered paper curled up along the edge of the cut and made a huge mess on my mat. Isn't the first time I have forgotten the HP's ink requires 24 hrs to dry completely.

Author — Ellen McClintick


Can you make this work on a design that has been printed on someone else's printer? I need to cut a circle around a design that is already there.

Author — Ruth Leonard


Hiii thank you so much for the video! I can't seem to make my machine work or cut i get a message that it can't read the registration marks.... what if im not printing anything ? can I put vinyl so that the machine cuts my own design that I made on the software on the sticky chart for cutting?

Author — Mar Lee


I have my Silhouette already for 4 years and saw everybody making kiss cut sticker sheets with it. I never got how they did it. I never realized Silhouette Cameo had a scanner for marks!! And that I could send to print from the program! Your video opened such a world for me!! I was so frustrated by my silhouette cutting through my designs!

Author — Mathilde Cominotto


YES! YOU USE WINDOWS!!! The studio in MacOS is different.

Author — Chris “Chrisputer”


I love your channel! It's so informative and helpful!

Author — Hannah Jean


(For a minute I thought I'd finally gone deaf... the audio is very muffly.)
But thanks for the useful video! I'm thinking about buying a Cameo 4. How accurate is the registration? e.g. I have a project in mind with quite small (1/16") details. Are they likely to register with the print OK?

Author — Howard Jones


Can you tell me why I get this message: Some of the cut lines in this design are overlapping the cut border? I am trying to cut words out on HTV in cameo 4 plus.

Author — Monique Brown


Thanks for the tips. Informative but please try a better mic next time. Very hard to hear

Author — Jack B


Are you planning to show us how to use the print and cut in the Boot Camp series or do you know where I can find a tutorial that goes from beginning to end?

Author — Teresa Stewart


the audio is so ridiculously low you can't hear a thing

Author — Ítalo Cicotti


Poor video, way too many info thats not important...also she doesnt even explain how she set up the cut lines around the pictures printed..someone thats new to this will be completely lost in this video.

Author — Wimpi3


My printer not printing the web like lines only the little box and the Box and top right line and bottom left line don’t kno what i’am doing wrong

Author — karatohongkongcat