Tensions between US, Iran: Where things stand now | Nightline

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Tensions between US, Iran: Where things stand now | Nightline 4.5

Trump and his top aides defended the drone killing of Iranian Gen. Soleimani, insisting that he was planning an attack on U.S. service members and diplomats.


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Can the leaders themselves just go into a ring and kill each rather than dragging innocent people with their feud?

Author — Anthony Tsopurashvili


Saddest thing to hear “we love Americans but we hate your president”

Author — Federico Payan


My heart goes to the innocent babies, kids and men en women that are gonna be hurt by this war!

Author — winnie nimz


wow it was sad when that guy broke down hope he finds peace but not in war

Author — Alex Kesteris


"We love Americans, but we hate your president." Hey...me too!

Author — Calvin Saxon


Was so sad hearing that guy say that they love Americans but hate the president!! I cried and I just wanted hug him 😭
Non if us normal folk want war with you beautiful people, we want peace but unfortunately our government are greedy selfish pigs with a different agenda.

Author — campbellqwerty


"Old men start their war, young men die for them"

Author — Gaming Cinematics


56 people die at a funeral...I’m at a loss of words

Author — David Dimachki


"We love Americans, but we hate the president"

Author — V Happy


That guy crying broke my heart 💔 peace and prayers for all countries

Author — Kennya Castaneda


"We love Americans but we hate your President." that Man spoke from his heart.

Author — Cupid with a Sniper


“We love Americans but we hate the president”

Same bruh same

Author — Anonymous X


"the United States took an Act of war against Iran"

No sir... Donald Trump did.

No one in both of our counties want a war. Rich people who are power hungry do. And they will be at home watching it all play out on TV while the poor fight their wars and suffer.

Author — THiNk aBoUt iT.


I just want peace for this world. I believe our children deserve to live in a world where they dont have to worry about conflict. Why cant we coexist??

Author — VEXnexBRAAPP


"Back to 1953 when the US installed the Shah in order to protect oil interests."
Ah yes, oil. The cause of all the middle eastern conflicts, including this one.

Author — Michael H


"We love Americans but hat your president" so true

Author — Tommy Nguyen


Everyone is trying to justify war, it’s disgusting.

Author — Noahtjuh


That Iranian foreign minister should do ASMR.

Author — TheIntJuggler


Well I don’t know about you all thoughts...but this sounds like a “Trump” issue NOT AMERICANS🤷🏾‍♂️

Author — Chris Lee


we will trade you president trump for a couple barrels of oil.

Author — Mr Awesome