The Matter Of Antimatter: Answering The Cosmic Riddle Of Existence

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The Matter Of Antimatter: Answering The Cosmic Riddle Of Existence 4.5

You exist. You shouldn’t. Stars and galaxies and planets exist. They shouldn’t. The nascent universe contained equal parts matter and antimatter that should have instantly obliterated each other, turning the Big Bang into the Big Fizzle. And yet, here we are: flesh, blood, stars, moons, sky. Why? Come join us as we dive deep down the rabbit hole of solving the mystery of the missing antimatter.

MODERATOR: Brian Greene

PARTICIPANTS: Marcela Carena, Janet Conrad, Michael Doser, Hitoshi Murayama, Neil Turok

OPENING FILM: Animation by Eoin Duffy of Studio Belly, written by Justin Weinstein and Brian Greene

This program is part of the Big Ideas Series which is supported in part by the John Templeton Foundation.

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- The Discovery of Antimatter opening film 00:01

- Brian Greene Introduction 04:00

- Participant Introductions 04:54

- What led Paul Dirac to his thinking? 07:25

- Can we create Antimatter? 22:25

- How does the universe create matter and antimatter and yet there is still matter left around us? 29:42

- Using Neutrinos to detect Antimatter 44:55

- The difference in Neutrinos compared to Antimatter 56:30

- Searching for hints of how to prove the Grand Unified theory 01:10:10

- Drowning in theories 01:22:00

- The applications for Antimatter 01:33:01

Filmed live at the 2018 World Science festival.

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I think Brian Greene as a host/moderator is amazing as he makes sure the conversation flows in terms of the what the audience can digest. Thank you Brian.

Author — Dominiquo Ṿ


What a privilege to be able to watch - even two years late - some of the most brilliant scientists in their fields in lively conversation on such an interesting topic. And with Brian Greene as the moderator who always puts things in perspective for laypeople. Thank you all.

Author — Nilson Musa


When scientists watch scifi movies...i wonder if they categorise it as comedy

Author — noman ul haq Khan


I'm setting here during the Covid-19 isolation event, (cough) and watched the whole (cough) thing. I just want to (cough cough cough) say; "The Higgs boson (cough cough) is people!". THUD.

Author — Mike Clarke


I feel so lucky to spend my rainy day watching these excellent discussions about the World.

Author — cairo


I love Brian. He makes complex concepts in Physics make me follow even though I am not trained in Physics. Very enjoyable and delightful discussions.

Author — T Dhanasekaran


The best thing about lockdown is these amazing videos

Author — Chaitanya Sharma


These types of discussions are what make the internet so interesting. Thank you again Dr. Brian Greene.

Author — Dr10Jeeps


I love when nerds can explain shit that’s hard to understand for most

Author — Dan Walsh


my favorite WSF panel. watched it 4X. everyone was WONDEFRUL :) love to hear Dr Turok speak further on his current perspective and slides at the end on matter/antimatter, PLEASE :) are you saying time has 2 directions (like x, y or z) but both go forward in time from their own perspective? how is it that we can observe the positron if we are restricted to OUR direction of time???

Author — neil u


As usual mr Turok ...brilliant everybody down to reality

Author — Saleem Yousaf


Q:How you define a "clever" guy?
A:When a Japanese professor nods his head like he got what that guy is saying!

Author — kordta


Brian Greene is getting older. Man please get more answers before its too late.

Author — dataBus


one of the best presentations by the world science festival i've seen and i think i've watched them all. thank you brian and every one of these immensely talented people.

Author — David Tyler


It's really beautiful to see intelligent people have such a humorous and informative conversation about a complicated subject. Really enjoyable!

Author — ImperturbableLight


I'm spending my covid 19 isolation rewatching my favorite WSF videos. As I read the comments I see that I'm not the only one.

Author — Michael Reeser


Neil are a scientific rock star ;)

Author — Santan Challa


I have never smiled or laughed this much while listening to a science discussion. This has got to be one of my favorite videos ever!

Author — Mammal Man


I love Brian Greene. He explains complex things in a simple language, for ALL to understand.

Author — Pace De La Cruz


These talks are exactly what Internet has served humanity with. Thank you for making them available

Author — Vikrant Tyagi