The Differences Between RUSSIA and UKRAINE

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The Differences Between RUSSIA and UKRAINE 4
Russia and Ukraine have had a very close and volatile history and relationship. Russia is a country that stretches across Eastern Europe and northern Asia. Ukraine is a large country in Eastern Europe known for its Orthodox churches. Here are The Differences Between Russia and Ukraine!


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New video where we look at how Russia and Ukraine differ from each other, yet are very similar:

Author — FTD Facts


“Russia became an independent country after the dissolution of the Soviet Union” LoL

I’m sorry but... independent from who?

Author — EL Kapusto


I am from Odessa Ukraine
And my grandma is from Cherynobol

Author — Роман Капітанеч


I am currently in Ukraine so I appreciate this video!

Author — Sandven Explorer


Wow, that's a very dissappointing video.
So what are the differences?

Author — Alexander


Ok?? Whilst this video is entertaining it doesnt really outline the differences between Russian and Ukrainian, it kind of just covers the flags and capitals.
The actual differences include language:
Ukrainian natively speak the Ukrainian language, a descendant of Old East Slavic whilst Russians speak the Russian language a mixture of Church Slavonic and non-slavic central Asian words
The Ukrainian language is much closer lexically to other slavic languages, whilst Russian contains words that no other slavic languages contain
Ethnic Ukrainians have a higher amount of the Y-dna r1a1b halpotype (the slavic gene), innish Russians have the Finno-Uggric halpogroup and other Y-DNA groups as far as Mongolia
Ukrainians have always been accustomed to democracy, during the Ukrainian Cossack Hetmenate, decisions would be passed by raising hands whilst Russia prefers more totalitarian and authoritarian rule since the times of Muscovite Tsars
After the breakup of Kyivan Rus in the 12 century, Ukrainians went on to form the kingdom of Galicia-Volyn whilst Russians went on with the Kingdom of Vladimir Suzdal and Muscovy

Author — ryan craig


Нихуя не знаю английского, но я всё понял(как так получилось, сам хз)

Author — Гей Херович


You definitely don’t know nothing about realationship between those countries! For Ukrainian there is no exist bigger enemy then Russia. Since separating “moskovia” from Kyiv Rus, and becoming Moskovia to Russia Empire.

Author — BILAK BROTHERS show


Without demeaning others but Leroy Kenton is the right narrator for FTD Facts 👍



All I know is that they both have beautiful ladies !!!

Author — Biblical Ones


Great video as always! I love when you host videos. That guy who hosted the Kazakhstan video was trying to hard to be funny and made it frustrating to watch.

Author — samuraialfredo


"Ukraine and Russia have a very close relationship" If by close relationship you mean they hate each other severely, then yes.
Edit:there’s people saying that Russian and Ukrainians don’t hate each other’s people. I was wrong on that part but doesn’t the Russian and Ukrainian government hate each other?

Author — thevioletskull


Very wrong information! You dont know nothing and you try to tell about this?

Author — cha ok


never heard such shit lol Russia became independent in 1991 lol thats a good one !

Author — Mike Mats


Can you make differences between Bulgaria and Macedonia?

Author — PolskaLover 2005


I had to leave bc the music was too distracting...sorry.

Author — Lisa in Canada


Russia-Ukraine relations are equivalent to China-Mongolia relations. Outer Mongolia today is just a Khalkha tribe. The Republic of Tuva and Buryat in Russia are all Mongolians.

Author — JERRY Wzhang


FTD Facts, Ukraine’s population is over 45 million.
Crimea is occupied by russia, but this peninsula is still Ukraine.

Author — Fire Heart


Don't compare that aggressive country with Ukraine. Nothing common since 2014 except language.

Author — Dope Boy


They have a difference over Crimea, too. It seems silly for Russia to have grabbed it. Pre-seizure: direct access to the Black Sea, but not to the Med. Post-seizure: same. It would be like the U.S. seizing New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island -- unnecessary.

Author — SilvanaDil