Jakarta is sinking! - Equator from the Air - BBC

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Jakarta is sinking! - Equator from the Air - BBC 5

Move over Venice, Jakarta is the world's fastest sinking city. Gordon Buchanan explores the below sea level areas of Jakarta.

In a defining moment for the natural world, Gordon Buchanan makes an epic journey round the equator - taking to the skies with experts racing to protect both wildlife and people.

Equator from the Air | Episode 4 | BBC

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And still Indonesia's media too focus on politics and entertainment, thank you bbc to worried us on our problem

Author — Edmund Exley


People in Jakarta are also very irresponsible, garbage everywhere!!! There is " No sense of Responsibility" from both sides!!!

Author — thamainbama


Indonesia is a great country, but.. they are also great at ignoring their own problems...

Author — LB


The biggest problem is that Indonesian put importance on land ownership. They didn't want to own a room, they want to own lands, which contribute to rapid wide expansion of urban core

Author — Alex Shuysky


Media Jakarta emang sengaja gak ngeliput yang beginian karena TAKUT :
1. Investor2 pada kabur
2. Harga jual tanah Jakarta juga bakal nge drop !

Author — river bill


Don't worry Jakarta, our Bangkok will sink with you.
Welcome to the sinking cities club, Manilla and Ho Chi Minh. Let us sink together.
2er edit:
Please also welcome Venice, Italy and Miami, USA as our non-ASEAN associate members. Do tell your relatives and friends to start saving for higher lands.

Author — Jolly Apfelsaft


This is why the BBC is such an important broadcaster- bringing awareness to issues like this

Author — Centrist Philosopher


3:15 this look like a movie scene. With background music

Author — saif khan


Oh my God, what happened to our mother earth now. Please God, help us... love lots from the Philippines...

Author — glorietta eroy


Is already too late, this day jakarta is full of water

Author — agung bayu


It is actually very eye opening for me as I live in Jakarta and this place might only be as far as 5 to 6 miles from my neighborhood, the more horrifying is the fact that not many of us are aggressively informed about the problem.
We know Jakarta is sitting below the sea level and that it is sinking a few centimetre every year, but nobody really brings the awareness and proofs that not only it's already happening, it happens fast.
Our media is obsessed with politics, religions and how to combine them, when there's a literal place not far from our houses where a man can fish on the street. #smh

Author — Daniel Takakura


And still many babies are born? I will stop to have any children...why must they suffer or die?

Author — NICOLINE V.N.


This was just 5 mos ago, and yet Indonesians are claiming that there is no slum and poor people in Jakarta and that they were all relocated in a proper housing by the govt, but then this video shows it all, so sad very pretentious country, and feeling almighty and powerful in the asean region, and yet cant do anything about their sinking capital. Shame.

Author — Matti Mori


2013: worst flood in recent years
2020: hold my beer...

Author — Nicolaus Divo


"Jakarta Will be Sinking in Decades"
Atlantis "First Time Fellas ?"

Author — Stanislaus Arizona Armada


The most disturbing thing about this video is the amount of garbage in the water!

Author — Brian Zahra


Hope Indonesia will recover asap from this. Prayers from Philippines🇵🇭

Author — Allicat de Guzman


Jakarta is flooded when new year
1 January 2020
I live in Indonesia ;(

Author — edico romi


Western media: the jakarta is sinking.
Indonesian media : Luna maya "jangan mencinta terlalu dalam".

Author — Queen N13


I think Jakarta is not sinking... they just become Venice

Author — motorbebekempes