How to create a HAZE/DREAMY Film effect !

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How to create a HAZE/DREAMY Film effect ! 5

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alternatively rub a stick of butter on your lense

Author — Lord_of_Laugh


Definitely doing the panty hose trick!!

Author — Julie Flores


Short and straight to the point huh 🔥😂

Author — KOG SE7EN


Where the pictures on the left shot at ?

Author — Jameel Miggins


Awesome! Will have to try this once I get back into shooting portraits. Thanks for posting. Keep up the amazing work.

Author — LMJCreations


You sent me here from your insta . Thanks bro

Author — Vuezi


crazy how I’ve seen your video even before I followed you on IG 🤯🤯🤯

Author — Aviwe Xaluva


Did you add any filters or edit it afterwards?

Author — Lil’ Light


Ohh.. Looks like Studio Ghibli! So cool!

Author — bluesanyu Films