Science Lab | Collab with IrrelephantSims | The Sims 4: Speed Build (CC Free)

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

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Origin ID: hey_harrie

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💬 Comments

I love it! I can't wait to put it in my game! I just loved listening to you two together! You should do more collabs together! 😊

Author — Chrissie's Corner


What a awesome build, can't wait to add it to my game! You two work well separately and together, , hope that we get more collabs from ya!

Author — Jill NPG


I absolutely loved hearing you 2 lovelies talk about this collab, and let me tell you, it is easily one of the best looking structures I've seen built in TS4, I'm obsessed with some of the details! The commentary was the icing on the cake, you 2 seem like you have been friends for years and I loved this! Well done Harrie and Adrianna! <3 xx

Author — Devon Bumpkin


REALLY GREATBuid. I could never build A Large Science Lab. I will have to use this in my LLD Series.

Author — Joslin Salter


It is absolutely amazing. Such a brilliant idea making the science lab circular. You are both building geniuses. <3 <3

Author — Lene Køhn


Oh my word, I couldn't stop giggling when y'all giggled. Friendship at its finest. :)

The lighting in the build is incredible and I love this Science Lab. From the small details, like the security scanners by the doors and all the little decor items in the garden, to the beautiful design of the building and the stairs, this is a really great start to an epic build. <3

I can't wait to see what Irrelephant did with her half and then get it into my game. Thanks so much for sharing with us. : )

Author — ChibiAmore


omg you adorable cinnamon rolls. I have the biggest, dumbest grin listening to you two. (love, your other stalker)

Author — Nyxy Pyx