When You Absolutely Have to Win

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Photos by Lennart Ootes!

Caruana, Fabiano (2800) - Swiercz, Dariusz (2647) 1-0
A29 English, four knights, kingside fianchetto

The 2021 U.S. Championship is a 12-player round-robin featuring the strongest players in the USA, who compete for $194,000 in prize money as well as the coveted title of U.S. Champion. If two or more players tie for first place a playoff will be held.

00:00 Hello Everyone!
00:36 Game Starts!
02:20 Completely New Game!
09:15 Pause The Video!
13:48 It Was In This Position
16:40 Contributions

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💬 Comments

"..the strongest move for white in any position.." Deadpan.

Author — Anderson Armstrong


When you are so strong, you don't let your 2647 ELO opponent move his strongest piece on the board and when he finally uses it to do something, the game is immediately over.

Author — I watched this


Fabi is about to do the greatest remontada in the world of chess .

Author — Abdelrahman Fahmy


That Knight on g7 is like when someone breaks into your home but then becomes your roommate.

Author — Sharknado Attack


"This is very dangerous, as you'll see" followed by the most sinister laugh ever.

Author — Twenty Rothmans


4:32 “fabi has a monster knight, a monster bishop, …” and he played the greatest move known to white b4 in the opening

Author — Matt Rodriguez


9:55 - Regarding capturing the knight, I think a better move for white in the position might be to play Nh6 and allow the queen to be captured. After gxh5, you could regain the queen by playing Nf7+ with a fork, and after the knight was captured you'd have equal material, but black's pawn structure would be shattered whereas white's pawns would still be one contiguous whole. If I were playing white, I'd like my chances in that position.

Author — Nullifidian


Caruana didn't come to this game to win. He came to utterly brutalize his opponent, and my goodness did he succeed.

Author — Raynman Plays


For the first time in my life I almost immeditely spotted the pause the video move. I remember solving a similar looking puzzle on Chesstempo once. Good stuff!

Author — Unnatural Atrophy


Fabi is a Monster World No. 2 and is *likely a World Champion* in most eras. He just happens to be in *Magnus's* era; The *most competitive era* due to the aggregate accumulation of games, computers/engines, strongest Super GM's, etc.

Author — Brian Howard


Agadmator, your videos are the best!!! So glad I get to experience this channel, with your immense knowledge in chess! Cheers

Author — Juan Silva


its really instructive how fabi didnt grab the dark square bishop right away with the knight, i mean, your central blockade is on light squares and you have a light square bishop so blacks dark square bishop stands unopposed. it can be an excellent attacker on c5 targeting f2 and the king or an excellent defender on f8 defending g7 and h6. honestly tho, wouldnt 95% of us (including me) just grab the bishop bc lets face it, from a distant perspective, thats a scary piece

Author — Ebola-Chan


I'm also a fan of b4, having played the Polish opening fairly extensively and the Evan's Gambit as well, but what's b4 to is f5 to me because it can be played effectively with both colours. I'm also a Bird fan 😉

Author — D G


So difficult for top players to remain error free and wins games against such tough competition. Fabi and Ding stumbled ever so slightly and it is noteworthy which really highlights the consistency with which Magnus plays. Hats off to Fabi.

Author — M Salty


Thank you for completing the game sequence as always. Not all of us can see the moves

Author — zambot264


Thank you for uploading this and covering Fabi's game

Author — Speed Racer


Very instructional and another good comeback by Fabi -- to recover from those 2 back to back losses.

Author — Mark A Cesare


Your videos are so good that even if I have 20 minutes of free time, I would still choose to watch one

Author — San Nicolas


I find myself more and more getting the pause the video moments. When I first subscribed to the channel I didn’t even attempt them. It’s safe to say Im learning more about positional chess all thanks to Antonio. 😎

Author — Sam Phillips


B4 great move.Dariuz on the other side of the table even better than b4.

Author — manu 1945