USD Aeon 72 XXI - Rolling Review with Eugen Enin

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USD Aeon 72 XXI - Rolling Review with Eugen Enin - 710176
Eugen Enin skates the new USD Aeon 72 XXI in his hometown skatepark and talks about the new features the skate has!
The Aeon 72 XXI skate is the modern classic of aggressive street skating. USD took it right back to the drawing board with the design of this skate, shattering all expectations and dismissing the UFS frame system, completely reworking our understanding of an aggressive skate and bringing the design back to basics. The unibody concept defines this unique design, creating the lowest, lightest skate possible with unparalleled energy transfer in every stride. One step back, two steps forward. With a single-piece construction, the weight is drastically reduced whilst the strength of the boot is immensely increased, you'll never snap another frame again. The unibody concept allows for the widest H-block split possible, making this the best flat set up skate ever created, keeping you safe from wheel bite on all H-block tricks. The Aeon 72 allows you to ride a full flat set up of 72mm wheels and comes with the new USD Team wheels, which are fast and long-lasting. The skate is completed with the dual fit MYFIT liners. The stretchy neoprene toes allow for 2 sizes to be catered to with a single liner, giving perfect comfort and support in every session. The new WCD ABEC 9 bearings make this skate now even faster and the new soft top for the lacing even better looking.

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It's dope how Enin is so good, he barely tries on these small rails/ramps while talking and recording himself.

Author — Jordan da Silva


can´t wait to see this bad boys in action!!! well done eugen

Author — JustRock6761


Nice to see Eugen on the bigger wheels 👑

Author — Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode


Sick as always, love watching these clips while I wait for my knee to heal.

Author — Jank Media


I keep watching all videos about these as I am waiting for mine to come today 😅 I am so excited. I love that they are agressive but still fast and 72s. ⚡

Author — Adam


I'm not nearly as good as this guy but I'm super happy to find out these have the new cuffs. I didn't even know that when I ordered em 😂

Author — Gregory W


There was real joy behind that At 3:14

Author — Dolphin Uppercut Avenger


Dude!!! This Review is on point! Like cmon dude just did top soul inspin soul like cake.

Author — Melvin Not Marvin


I always wanted to try the I heard that they are slim like the Razor Shifts, which is ideal for a woman's foot. If that's true, I would have to modify them. My feet are too muscular.

Author — MeDiAAiDeM


Welp, I own a pair of these now.. thanks

Author — Nicholas West


as blading technology progresses more and more someday we will finally end up with a skateboard

Author — thchris


Nice vid, but I would have expected more from "The Blade Ninja!"

Author — Drone Mania


Oh man der gute alte eugen😂 ich liebe den deutschen akzent...

Author — Die Highfische


Do I get the same size skate as my shoe size or one size up?

Author — J C


:) Cool, now the tec part whith the other guy :)

Author — Andrés Belalcázar


Pls help me.. my usd aeon 72 really hurt my ankle bones.. pls give me advice 🙏🙏

Author — Patrix Toruan


360 footage. For when you want to get motion sickness & throw up watching a youtube video.

Author — Sparkmovement


Im Grunde nix neues! Der sieht genauso aus wie mein 60 Xxi... Was mich wirklich interessiert ist der eugen enin oder viel besser noch der Richie Eisler Schuh...!wieso werden die Dinger nicht mehr an den Mann gebracht?! Ich Geier seit Wochen drauf, nirgends! Eugen, sag mir doch mal bitte wo ich "endlich" fündig werde...

Author — NIJO2201 Niemals


Nicely shot, but what on Earth has Enin done to his clothes!? Eish. He looks like someone out of an old Hoax video still stuck in the past, who only listens to Z Z Top and The Backstreet Boys. Hahahaha! Nooit.

Author — Ra Prometheus


man hört so rause das er deutsch ist xD

Author — nuss