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Hawaii's Hidden Darkness (Conspiracy Documentary) | Real Stories 4.5
Hawaii was an independent nation until January 17, 1893. That day, the archipelago and its monarchical government were overthrown illegally by the United States. Since then, the USA has taken over Hawaii illegitimately, turning the island into a military base that threatens world peace, while sovereignty groups organize to rescue its legitimacy.

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Zuckerberg.. if he REALLY cared about people and the poor they way he virtue signals, he would have setup homes on the land he bought in Hawaii for the displaced and homeless. But he wants his ivory tower and his own Kingdom. There should be NO homeless Hawaiians. Period.

Author — Schatzi P


My grandmother is native american and was forced to go to a catholic school all year away from her parents in the 30's. They couldn't speak their native language either. To this day she doesn't blame the people, in fact she married a white america (my grandfather). She blames the power hungry government for destroying her culture.

Author — Nstone53


In most every country where there are indigenous people this happens . Humans are greedy .

Author — lilly girl


Welcome to the club, its happend to most nations around the globe some ppl dont even know it yet, education is freedom

Author — Ivan C


Despite the poverty, deprivation and injustice of their situation, their calm dignity speaks volumes. "we are not homeless we are houseless. Hawaii is our home." Isaiah 65:21-23, very soon all oppression and dispossession will cease.

Author — Jenny Gibbons


101 things I didn't learn in school growing up in the USA.

Author — Joe Smith


An apology without correction is an empty insult

Author — Nero Diamante


Another way America attacked the Hawaiian language and forced Hawaiians to stop speaking it is...

The sugar barons would pay a drunk member of a family for all the land his family owned...

Then they hired hitmen to track down anybody who had a legitimate claim to their land...

Many of the Hawaiians who survived being hunted, were hidden among Filipinos and other people the sugar industry imported to undermine the Hawaiian economy...

They had to hide the fact they even understood Hawaiian, under fear of death!

I kama'aina since 1980. Born haole, and the things America has done to my neighbors and friends who have embraced me with so much aloha, make me ashamed of my race.

I support Hawaiian sovereignty, even if it means I have to leave the only home I ever had.

God bless the Hawaiian nation forever.

Aloha ke Akua

Author — selpmax


The 13 should have been exterminated the second they moved to overthrow the Queen.

Author — Paul G


Much is in the wrong hands. We the people all need our countries back.

Author — terrie alexander


The US should restore Hawaii's sovereignty. American citizens have no idea this was done. I was young but remember the addition of Hawaii as a state. All I saw was celebration of a 50th State. My God Our Republic has been lied too for decades. God Bless Hawaii as a sovereign Nation.

Author — John bobo


The US is very good at taking everything and leaving everyone destitute.

Author — Kristy's Things


Americans did the same with Azores. They didn't invade it but they imposed to have an army base there during second world war, or otherwise they would invade it. After 70 years, they still there and don't want to leave.. That's the way they do things..

Author — cometa zero


Mahalo for this documentary, brought tears to my eyes. Really nice touch with Ekolu Kalama’s mele

Author — Lisa Love


And if they do get their lands back, they will have already been destroyed by GMO companies.

Author — luke maxwell


Real stories pumping out the content, really interesting doc this, cheers for the upload



This really isn’t helping my thoughts on America! Dictators and bullies.Why does America feel the need to take the heritage of Hawaii away? They aren’t a threat to you and maybe you could learn something 🤔🤔

Author — Janice Raby


I can’t even watch these documentaries in full because they make me so angry. Mostly because of the lies the US tells and the horrible history education. Completely white washed. The US government is nothing but thieves and murderers for profit

Author — Ari W


8:50 They should be called: “The comittee of crimminals” . That was what they were. Pure and simple. Much like what China is doing in the South paciffic today.

Author — Hector Keezy


Give them their kingdom back and let HI have 100% INDEPENDANCE!

Author — Keith Busch