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SADB - Aggressive People 4.5

All kind of stuff happens during our raids. Sometimes we run into very aggressive people and have to fight them, like these guys.

Our "World" channel:

This is the official channel of the Stop a Douchebag movement. We stand against the rudeness that originates from brazen disregard for the law and surrounding people. We record our actions on camera. Some of them remain in the archive, but some we sent to the police, and the most interesting ones are uploaded to our Youtube channel. Please subscribe to see it all with your own eyes.

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Author — SADB


Can’t lie tho y’all got ya ass whooped by 2 mafia members

Author — Makc 916


Pensei que só no Brasil tinha motorista folgado kk Hoje uns 5 carros quase bateram no meu🤦‍♂️

Author — Dárcio


At least they arent screaming "I will call the cops! Don't attack us! Its all being recorded!".

They fight back, they got some balls.

Author — gf


Vigilantes, even low level ones must know, or learn how to fight.

Author — M Mon


that dude who was arrested is just some random guy who sow a fight and decided to join..

Author — Jhon Dahl


Use steel toe shoes to hit their cars instead if they don’t listen after 10 f*&$$ warnings bro.

Author — tsifty1


The old man fights very well at his age

Author — Fa Ri Lan


Господи сколько же мразей за рулем считающие что они правы

Author — Mohammad Awan


Bring back the wrestler to handle these fools

Author — Shang Tsung


Hahah this Moment when the police is listening to game of thrones 😂😂😂

Author — Paul 5-0


That drunk guy had been waiting for this moment since he lost his job...

Author — GentleGoat


4:20 beer gone, all is lost, surrender

Author — Mandrak789


Abseloutly crazy to see people park and take up a whole lane.

If you did that in Sweden.

I mean nobody, if they do, the entire neighborhood would go nuts.

It's just so unreal to see and see them try and justify it too.

Author — Black The Nerevarine


You guys definitely need some boxing lessons if you keep on doing that or just hire a boxer/mma fighter in your crew. Just a friendly advice.

Author — Allan Repollo


Тренироватся надо, что бы таких уродов успокаивать.

Author — Злой сармат


1:50 are they watching game of thrones 😂💀

Author — Dead Memes


All those cops were really tough... against a drunk guy!! 😅
They didn't even dare touching the other 2 who were the real douchebags!

Author — PANGAWD


EPIC win for the 2 Mans // 2 vs 5 hahahaah LOOOOL

Author — gregor weezer


They were watching game of thrones i miss that show lol

Author — Mattdog2020