Moto RAZR 2 Impressions: Nostalgia Reloaded?

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RAZR 2: The second generation of foldables will be the most interesting.

Phone provided by Motorola for review.


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Am I the only one who had absolutely no idea this phone was coming 😂

Author — Mrwhosetheboss


I can't wait to watch JerryRigEverything pour sand in that hinge.

Author — Hyper John


Give this thing a 3.5mm headphone jack and my nostalgia will go off the charts

Author — MrJr


Good to see that Motorola heard you about the terrible lighting and actually sent you the devices this time 👏🏽😂

Author — SuperSaf


5:44 Damn it Marques, I'm scared of heights!

Author — ForrestKnight


I'm just imagining the satisfying snap after an angry phone call and boy am I so ready to get one

Author — Killatunga


I thought it looked pretty cool and actually considered looking into getting on to play around with

Until I saw it costs 1400 bucks lol

Author — Robert Follows


As someone who speaks a lot, you have fabulous speaking skills. I realize you edit this stuff, however I never hear you say um, ah, clear your throat, get dry mouth, smack your lips... nothing. It's flawless. Great work as that is not easy!

Author — Jason Richard


As the video progressed I was like wow this phone has the nostalgia as well as the quality so I can get this.. but then Marques told about the pricing and I was like Nope I ain't getting this bruh, never.

Author — Narkar Bros


When you're a girl and your pockets are a joke this is super appealing. Also nostalgia :)

Author — Natalie Schardt


marques: u cant put a flagship-grade chipset in this form factor
Samsung : Wait Wait wait hold up how about we give u a old flagship chipset

Author — Aditya Pratap Chakraborty


That shot where he opened it one handed over the side of the balcony gave me some anxiety

Author — Drew Norby


0:51 & 6:57 🔥🔥 Why one of this isn't your thumbnail?!

Author — Hari Krishnan


He said “time flies” he definitely has something from apple

Author — Akshat Kembhavi


MKBHD: *Time Flies*
He got the *iPhone 12* a week ago

Author — SaidaHOURIA - السيدة حورية


I'll buy it for 450 USD nothing more then that to satisfy my nostalgia 🙏🏻

Author — You Me


2:16 wow, hearing blush gold makes me feel old reminding me of iPhone 6s rumour days

Author — Tyler McQueen


Dam things are moving at such a pace I can't keep up. Just thought that the 1st one was brand new

Author — sonnyps2


Might just be me, but the side profile looks like a bullet train😂

Author — Tim Burch


5:44 "my heart literally sank"


this man has balls of steel

Author — Ibimation