Build Wars DAY 6: RACE DAY!!! Epic Competition Ends With a Violent WRECK...

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Build Wars DAY 6: RACE DAY!!! Epic Competition Ends With a Violent WRECK... 5

The Build Wars FINALE!!! Racing the Boostedboiz after one heck of a build off at our event Cleetus and Cars!

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💬 Comments on the video

Y’all are actin like I didn’t think one of us was going to tip over eventually?? Haha, glad Kyle and I are ok! Anyways... Our WINTER merch drop is only a few hours away on

Author — Cleetus McFarland


What a wild competition, thank god for those roll bars!

Author — 1320video


who else thought the "Violent WRECK" was going to be the jet cars?

Author — Mikey Gaming


In my 54 years, I've never heard "The windshield hit me in the was awesome" LMAO!

Author — Dan Niksich


Never in my life did I expect to ever see a Cummins galaxie go toe to toe with a LS mail truck.

Author — Thurman Murman


Cleetus in his golf cart is a new Mario cart cart character. Slinging freedom shells at his foes

Author — Talredhedkid


Cleetus: " We're canning the Jet-car project due to safety concerns"
Also Cleetus:" So we're going drag race 100MPH+ golf carts.."
Gotta love you guys!!

Author — Team Gamble BMX


Cleetus: I should probably put my visor down

Windshield: Damn right

Author — twothreebravo


Does anyone else ever picture Ed driving Neighbour with a massive smile on his face 😔

Author — Mindiej93


As a mail carrier, an LS swapped LLV is the scariest thing I can think of.

Author — The10000lbGorilla


Cleetus flips a golf cart then says "felt completely normal"

Author — Jacob Earhart


I have a feeling this isn't the last of the golf carts.

Author — Josh Craven


Really should have done the burnout before the wheelies.

Author — James Godwin


I would like to throw an idea out there, next event y’all should rent some bleachers for the burn out Contest

Author — Juan Alanis


James sound like a sad dad saying “short shifting? you had 7000 rpm left”

Author — Ricky Hernandez


That was a sick event! Who saw us blow up our silver mustang on the drag strip!??!

Author — Auto Mafia Racing


Everyone: “safety is important here”
James: “you do realize you still have another 7, 000 rpms?”

Author — Nicholas Poland


"The windshield hit me in the face... IT WAS AWESOME"

Author — frenchfri5106


Cleet, we all love the channel, all of the events, and you're a huge inspiration for alot of people bro. You all did an awesome job making this whole thing entertaining and fun. I was concerned with everyone's safety riding those crazy carts, and at least the wrecks didn't happen at 100 mph. Don't ever apologize for having a good time man, it's hard to disappoint your fans.

Author — Reccallo TimTom


i had to laugh seeing that mail truck making v8 noises.... i want one

Author — Hans611