Surveillance video shows Oregon coach disarming and hugging high school student

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Surveillance video shows Oregon coach disarming and hugging high school student 5
New surveillance video shows a high school coach’s encounter with a student armed with a shotgun. The student brought the gun to Parkrose High School in Portland, Oregon last spring. Football coach Keanon Iowe saw the student and disarmed him. Coach lowe then grabbed the young man and hugged him.

The "CBS Evening News" premiered as a half-hour broadcast on Sept. 2, 1963. Check local listings for CBS Evening News broadcast times.

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Only problem is that kid needed a hug a long time ago. Good thing he got one before it was really to late.

Автор — kells18


"Do not ask what it means to be a good man. Be one"

-Marcus Aurelius (paraphrase)

Автор — Diane Aisha Monday


What a hug can do, coach is a real hero

Автор — Francisco


He most likely truly care for them kids

Автор — MrPlumberguy23


why is this barely on main stream media?...this happened May 17, 2019.

Автор — Ruben Sanchez


These children are suffering in this sick society. They need love.

Автор — Rashan Sankofa


The coach was armed...with arms.

(Um, I'll see myself out.)

Автор — Magic Popcorn Productions


It's moments like this that renew my faith in humanity.

Автор — Zantheros


36 seconds of decency in days worths of trash clips, wish the clip was a bit longer!

Автор — Joseph Shaul


This is the difference between the hate way to many people love to use to deal with bad circumstances and the use of love to diffuse. This guy has it right.

Автор — Zoe Emiko


There's a lot of young boy's and girls out there that need a hug like that!

Автор — Depcom


30 second blurb on this story but a successful shooter gets endless coverage and his image shown every few months. Great work media

Автор — Billy


37 seconds ... That's what you give to this? But you'll give hours when an actual shooting happens? The media in America is simply the worst.

Автор — ghostfifth


Those that are the hardest to love are the ones that need it the most.

Автор — Rick Sanchez


Wow. Seeing that man grab that kid and put him in a big bear hug and seeing the kid hug back kind of brought a tear to my eye. I bet this kid needed a hug. At times we all just need a hug. With fast paced lives swirling around us, so many different social media accounts, wanting likes and so forth, working long hours, long stressful school days, wondering if you can make ends meet, getting safely from point A to point B, along with so many other things that are just too long to list. Sometimes we all need to take a breather, have someone listen to you, have someone converse with you, or just a simple but meaning hug. I hate that this kid felt this was the only way. Now he will face the consequences of his actions. But glad he got hugged before he shot anyone or even before he got shot. Also so very thankful for that fantastic teacher.
We all need more hugs in this world.

Автор — Dilapidated Castillo


armed student wearing the trench coat...he was ready.

Автор — twiggie


he needs a raise and a freaking medal of honor

Автор — s0fa


Stopped the culprit with a hug, love not hate.

Автор — Brian Szymanski


he has the balls of steel, and a heart of gold.

Автор — quiltedquickerpicker


Working in the school system, in any capacity, has to be a calling. That's a great man.

Автор — uacbpa