Cut like a Pro - Square up you circular saw

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I can't help you cut straight on the line, that us up to you, but these tips can ensure that at least you're cutting square to the cut. Cut like the pro's do by taking the time to square up you blade of the circular saw with the bed. Simple yes, but and absolute necessity for timber framing and woodworking joinery.



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Cool!! Yep, my base plate/square to blade was off by, you guessed it, 2° Awesome 👍👌

Author — Joseph Natana


Great advice! My timbers don't get bigger than 6"x6" but the same principles apply.

Author — Dan Ryan


Great video my friend! I enjoy watching these builds. Hope to do one myself some day.

Author — Dillons Woodworks


Great tips Tim!! Really enjoy your videos brother! 😁🌲

Author — Jimi Timbers


Great video thanks 👌👌👌 a hug here from Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹

Author — bricofast


Thank you, thank you, thank you for this video. Thank you!

Author — Norman Ritchie


I predict that saw will be saving you a lot of time. Catch you on the next one.

Author — Aaron Stroud


Just some more tips on squaring up a saw, the table must be parallel to the blade. If it is not when you tilt the saw to cut an angle even if it is square to the blade at a 90 if the table is not parallel to the blade everything will be all out of alignment when cutting with the saw on an angle. I know all saws tilt on angles with different mechanisms but I have found that most are all messed up if the table is not parallel to the blade.

Author — jim stew


Your mustasch, sir, makes me believe everything you say.

Author — The Same Same