LG's Future Display Technology Will Blow You Away

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LG's Future Display Technology Will Blow You Away 4.5
LG OLED Display Concept Video! Future OLED Displays.Experience the whole new future created by OLED and see how OLED will bring significant change to our life.
LG believes that OLED will fundamentally change the future of our home and portable devices. See some of the concepts that OLED Technology will enable in the next few years.

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💬 Comments on the video

In future the word "privacy" is going to be removed from our dictionaries....

Author — Safeeullah Samir


This is basically a representation of 2066

Author — Will Reddish


Wow, the electricity bill will be crazy!

Author — vtr37


oh shit!... I'll be long dead when all of these ever happens... 😣

Author — Joseph Benjamin Bolinao


Solutions without understanding the problem first.

Author — Robert Evans


So that means...there is going to be a lot of ux/ui design jobs in the future.

Author — Eiren Diaz


how cool would it be if in the end of this video it would show a slide saying:
"this add did not use ANY special effects" ...

Author — Shay Vidas


I am not a tech analyst, but I think some of the ideas are over-imagined.

Author — Md. Toufique Islam


So it's in the decently far future and the CEO guy is still manually driving his car? Maybe he's just an enthusiast..

Author — Cody Clark


When you’re an expert on photoshop and you got a large green screen

Author — John Wick


This is more like "look how good video editing and effects has become" than a technology video

Author — kalanaiokok


tony stark show us this all technology ( iron man 1-2 -3, and the avenger ) in his movie

Author — Global Tech


world of "values" lmfao yeah not on this planet.

Author — raul morales


Does this mean my 75" LG 4k Smart LED TV will be worth pennies next year?

Author — KO KNEE


Welcome, my son to the future at last!!!

Author — Gholamreza Karimaghai


you cant do that LG.. I dont want to study when im in hospital!!

Author — Legit Hunter


Good Adobe After Effects. I think I have most of these plugins! LOL

Author — SENJU


Not a single Black person in the future ???? ...LOL

Author — Ahmed M


this is not future display tech.. this is just CGI/Special effect technology

Author — Skylar Monsta


Oh Great..we can now watch all the shit they broadcast for TV on a better screen...

Author — IPJ Bradley