Anthony Danza - 'My Shxt Jump'

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Anthony Danza
"My Shxt Jump"
The Nickel (soundtrack)

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Danza, hit my line you know im hella on
Im Sincere Im Tommy Bunz with the leather on
phone jumpin like a telethon / young chop, el chop, big chop with the propeller on
Dwayne Wade with the heat runnin through the city / Dwayne Johnson in the pyrex with the digi / re up, Dwayne Carter when he dropped "a milli" / trunk so heavy i can pop a wheelie
I copped the Gucci with the beige and the tan stitch, just so i could match the off white with the all white tan bricks
its like lining up 10 licks / my jack jumpin and its worth about 10 kicks

All my shit jump
aye my shit jump
my shit jumpin like day and night, we gone whip it till we get it right

verse 2:
when I ate is when I felt the hate, big mad, big vibe, big mood, big cheese, eggs & Welches Grape
Im runnin laps till I feel the tape, pissin crypto and clique you can feel the great
two bitches, two phones, one wife, a few homes, P diddy the way I remix one to two zones
you know my IG live, I get it live, I be all in the video I think Im Sean Combs
baking soda at the podium / it was nick, nick, nick and dime, word to Nickelodeon
we cookin under pressure, yes sir, 25 lighters, still on my dresser

chorus repeat

💬 Comments

His whole campaign is everything! I absolutely love the 80s/ early 90s vibe! Much love from Atlanta!!

Author — Kavin


“25 lighters still on my dresser, yessir!!”

Author — OsoKnows


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Danza you've done it again. I can't wait for that Tonite Show to drop. Thats gonna be magic

Author — James Turner II


Yessir! It's coming together like an eyebrow on Al B. Sure! Dope as always my guy!

Author — Elliott Eide


Damn my boy Anthony Danza you're putting it on my boy keep on pushin these Dope Jams lovin IT!! Mad love from L.A. (818)

Author — Angel R


Always hella musical and 80s/90s ishhh 👏👏👏

Author — PeeZee The Director


Izume music at its finest.keep it going Danza!

Author — John Smith


Old school flava with that e30 love!! On repeat!

Author — Eldon Guerrero


The 25 Lighters reference was crazy dope bro!!! Been slappin the hell outta this track!!! Danza ready to crush it in 2021!!!

Author — Fresh Northwest


This joint here-- 🔥🔥 Danza bringing that 2021 classic . 💯

Author — XTRABIG


Well done Danza word to nickelodeon ... Nickel soundtrack coming soon!

Author — Jonathan Gant


I see a few people, I know!🔥💪🏽❤ I love the beat!🎶🎤

Author — Pretty Flowers


this shit hard cuz good looks on my bass

Author — Nick Outlaw


I see ya with that shoutout to the “H” YESSIR!

Author — Mistah Bozack


Makes me proud he from my section of the map...Northwest stand up!!!!

Author — Darren Bray


SeaTac District ! East Tacoma fw it 🎯🤲🏼

Author — East TGSav


Mannnn got damn! This shit so hard I don’t know what to do?! Love the hat too

Author — Ri Ar


“My Boy Danza wit another banger that’s what’s up Shots Out 2 Seattle” Cali Luv

Author — KT 752


I forgot about 25 lighters gotta bring it back now for sure 😩

Author — Brando Money


Ouuuu is summer here already 🤔 that shit blazin G 🔥🔥🔥

Author — Ricardo Romero