The World's Future In 2100 - An Amazing Future For Humans

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The World's Future In 2100 - An Amazing Future For Humans 4.5
In 2100 ,the world will be totally different for us.
Many new technologies will appear and change the future of humans. Fastest transportation systems,prettier planes,safer and prettier cities will be the norm in this future. We will live longer too.
Our current technologies are ridiculous in comparison to the technology of the future. This is the World's Future.
Now,there are many problems that are unsolved. Issues like traffics jams,pollution,or lack of affordable housing make our cities difficult to live. But in the future,all these issues could be solved .So the world in the future can be more beautiful. But if these problems aren't solved the future can be worse for humans.
So we made a realistic impression of the world in 2100 .
This future will be exciting and amazing.

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Wow this is amazing video. It's almost the reality of the future. Big respect for the one who make this clip.

Author — Lucky Jazzy


imagine people who are from the year 2100 watching this and laughing



yet we still haven't found the cure for fortnite disease

Author — redfox productions


I hope nature is protected by that piont

Author — Animal Loverjulian


2018: Road traffic is a major problem.
500 years later....
2518: Air traffic is a major problem.

Author — Salman Warsama


And it's going to be more expensive than now.

Author — Red Universe


I think it’s is what earth will look like in the year 3000 or 2500 not so 2100 I think

Author — Samir Said


Plot Twist: Tornado's and Earthquakes destroys it all

Author — ItzVolTaGe15


Easy solution, let nature


Author — Familia BatPeña


(Future Person Comment)

2018: _”Faster Transportation”_

2100: *[Error: This meme has not been invented. Please check back in 81 years.]*

Author — SirenFist


This is what we said the year 2000 will be like when I was in elementary school. (1970's)

Author — Glenn Hanson


Lolled when i read "prettier"

Author — FuranDuron


I was born in 98 so if I live a healthy life and base off average years people live and how long my family has lived I'll be dead around 2070-85 so I may have almost made it my grandkids will definitely see it

Author — Juan Frausto


Yes! hopefully we all make it by the 22nd century also!

Author — sonic marauder


So very interesting chanal. Sorry for my bad English. I am from Ukraine . I like that you make videos about future cars, cities .

Author — снаамлли мрбаоьисп


If you're reading this in 2019 you're born too early

Author — Nickolas Abbott


I am new subscriber to your channel very nice videos

Author — BNSFRon D.


Maybe on 2100 androids from detroit: become a human game will be reality

Author — ᏦᎾᏒb 16


Biology, Physics and Chemistry should be mandatory for future mankind

Author — 7777777777


I'm digging the operatic dubstep in the background

Author — Aaron Hurst