The World's Future In 2100 - An Amazing Future For Humans

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The World's Future In 2100 - An Amazing Future For Humans 4.5
In 2100 ,the world will be totally different for us.
Many new technologies will appear and change the future of humans. Fastest transportation systems,prettier planes,safer and prettier cities will be the norm in this future. We will live longer too.
Our current technologies are ridiculous in comparison to the technology of the future. This is the World's Future.
Now,there are many problems that are unsolved. Issues like traffics jams,pollution,or lack of affordable housing make our cities difficult to live. But in the future,all these issues could be solved .So the world in the future can be more beautiful. But if these problems aren't solved the future can be worse for humans.
So we made a realistic impression of the world in 2100 .
This future will be exciting and amazing.

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Wow this is amazing video. It's almost the reality of the future. Big respect for the one who make this clip.

Author — Lucky Jazzy


imagine people who are from the year 2100 watching this and laughing

Author — DA CHEESE


yet we still haven't found the cure for fortnite disease

Author — bloodsky draws


2018: Road traffic is a major problem.
500 years later....
2518: Air traffic is a major problem.

Author — Salman Warsama


(Future Person Comment)

2018: _”Faster Transportation”_

2100: *[Error: This meme has not been invented. Please check back in 81 years.]*

Author — SirenFist


For the ones who live in 2100 this comment is from earth 2019.

Author — Pink Patient


Biology, Physics and Chemistry should be mandatory for future mankind

Author — 7777777777


“Cities will be greener.”

Gretta: LETS GOO

Author — aelesith


Maybe on 2100 androids from detroit: become a human game will be reality

Author — ᏦᎾᏒb 16


Hm, they should discover and improve medicines so people could live longer

Author — M I N I M A L


2019: We will have flying cars in the future
2020: Still weird Tv shows using the Magic School Bus Rides Again animation
2022: Tesla Cybertruck

Author — Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner


There have been wars and wars will continue.

Author — Tom Thumb


Wow. That future stuff is so cool and believable. It’s going to be a great looking planet.



See the title: an amazing future for humans,
Also me: yeah and a disastrous future for earth

Author — Sagnik Deb


it’s 15.11.2019 and I am crying it’s my birthday after 3 days I’m so impressed by this video. It makes me cry

Author — Aslı Cesur


I am sad because i don’t have enough live to see this amazing future 😟🙂

Author — Lakkana Ekanayaka


I hope nature is protected by that piont

Author — Animal Loverjulian


Imagine someone just time travel there and he is from 2019

*"what have you done"*

Author — Lenny XD


I don't wanna die... I want to live more to see all of it! damn it

Author — Jean Alexandre


for the people in 2100
this comment is from 2019

Author — Robert Walsh