Spectacular & Low Take-offs !!! RIAT17 Monday Depatures

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Spectacular & Low Take-offs !!! RIAT17 Monday Depatures 4.5

0:00 JAS 39 Gripen
0:15 2 x F-22 Raptor
0:57 2 x F-18
1:22 Typhoon
1:35 F-16
1:58 Tornado
2:10 Ralael
2:28 3 x Mirage 2000D - Corteau Delta - French Air Force
2:58 2x F-4E Phantom - Hellenic Air Force
3:38 F-16
3:57 GR4 Tornado (Pinky)
4:24 2 x F-15c
5:02 F-15e
5:35 2 x F16
5:53 IL-76 - Ukraine
6:21 2 x SU-27
6:49 F-16
7:01 U2

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Raise you hand if you miss the good ole F 14 Tomcat

Author — TDS


How most planes take off:
1- Rotate
2- Lift off
3- Retract gear

How the raptor takes off:
1- Rotate
2-Retract gear
3- Lift off

Author — US/Can Spotting


I love how the first F-22 just put its landing gear up... "I guess we're flying I guess that's cool."

Author — Zuiderzee


The F4 and the U2 made my day! awesome!

Author — Air 8orne


F22 going gangsta! pulling up the gear while still on the ground!

Author — NoMoStatic


Le rafale était le plus classe !
Français vous êtes là ?

Author — pif_ rafale


If I ever win a lottery...
I'll sit at some airport and watch planes all day long...

Author — JavaFirst.website


U2 Dragon Lady from the 9th Reconnaissance Wing at Beale Air Force Base, Marysville California.

Author — AirforceZack


Is it me or does the U-2 Dragon Lady howl like the Vulcan?!

Author — OldIsGold1993


Still love those F-15s... It's great to see these jets from all over the world.

Author — Luke Dodge


I can't believe those f-22s pulled the gear that early

Author — Carlos Danger


My father was a Marine F4 driver in Vietnam...He once told me the F4 was a rock with wings held aloft through the sheer obstinance of the engines and that it was the only aircraft ever made where the glide slope of the ejection seats was superior to the aircraft's glide slope. Seeing the F4s takeoff roll in the middle of the rolls of all these other aircraft is really the first time I was able to grasp the point of what he said in any meaningful way. You can almost hear the engines yelling at the airframe, "Get yer lard ass in the air....you're making us look like idiots in front of those cute little F16s!"

Author — BW Acuff


Two best planes to ever fly both wore the designation F4. OOH RAH!

Author — datsuntoyy


so much of chamtrail was laid... (sarcazm, just in case, I know only smart people watch this)

Author — Marius Zokaitis


Brilliant footage - thanks for sharing.

Author — steve lewis


the f22 is just gorgeous from a technological standpoint and aesthetic

Author — ferrarikingdom


Throughly enjoyed this, thank you so much.

Author — Tim Leonard


"V1, V2, Positiv...Oh! Gear up, I guess"

Author — Ron Topimpanation


Love all these Aircraft thanks for posting. All time favourites for me in general - in joint second place F14 Tomcat & F15 Eagle, in first place English Electric Lightning 👍
D place

Author — AboutFocusTV


incredible camerawork! the paint jobs on some of these aircraft are amazing.

Author — hackman