Canadian Banks On The Verge Of Collapse ?

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Canadian Banks On The Verge Of Collapse ? 4

Canadian Banks are seriously under fire from major short interests and I cant help but think why I am still buying thousands worth of the stocks currently paying upwards of 5% like come on really!

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Apparently, it's hard for banks to make money when the yield curve is inverted.

Author — Yann Chevrier-Foundy


A lot off”I think” but no real quantitative analysis. What a waste of my time. No one wants to know what you think... at least do some homework.

Author — Dan Tan


I am watching TD bank closely. Definitely the time to see your real estate in Canada. Wait around for the deals.

Author — Steve Ross


you have bank stocks? sell all stocks. all

Author — PathisNarrow


Banque Nationale destroyed the Canadian banking system, do never deal with those terrorist amateurs

Author — Daniel Dayan


I think an infinite number of foreign investors will continue to flood real estate markets with money. Since it's infinite, that means houses will cost close to a billion dollars within thirty years. That means salaries will become in the millions, because you will have to make salaries in the millions to qualify for the 400, 000, 000 mortgage. And the governments will do QE infinity in order to make this happen. Only 5% of the population will be able to afford a house, so 95% of the houses will be vacant, with 95% of the population living in the parks and the streets. This is the nature of a ponzi scheme. It requires infinite...everything. Infinite lending, infinite foreign investors, infinite QE to keep it going. I understand the infinite QE part and the infinite lending part. But...where exactly are the infinite number of foreign investors going to come from? And if an infinite number of foreign investors is what it's going to take to keep this ponzi scheme going, there's going to be standing room only all over the planet, people will even have to stand in the water for there to be room for the infinite number of foreign investors whom will arrive to keep the ponzi scheme going. Does anyone see how ridiculous this is, what I've just described?

Author — Claire Robin


I don't think we are at the breaking point yet. As long as people have jobs they will find a way to re-finance their mortgages. It's when the jobs in Canada become scarce, that's when the problems will come.

Author — Habslayer