Bank employee saves hostage, takes down knife-wielding robber in S. China

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 лет ago

An employee at a Chinese bank put his own life on the line on Friday to help a customer who was taken hostage by a to-be robber. A knife-wielding man held a female customer as a captive during his attempt to rob a branch of the Agricultural Bank of China in the city of Nanning, south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

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What a brave, selfless hero. Good job Mr.

Author — The Only Way Productions


Guy is a hero, but the robber wasn't too good at his gig...

Author — Lucifer


Did that robber think he could just walk out of the bank with money without having police officers surrounding the building? Ha. I'd like to see him walk outside the bank.

Author — Jocelyn Chan


Dude better have gotten a payrise like damn gotta save that money in the bank amirite

Author — Callum Fisher


Вот это сервис в банке, вот это я понимаю.

Author — Артемий Сладков


give the hero all the money the thief would have taken as a reward

Author — dalexkom


Во истину... Что они (грабители) там кушают??? Накормите моих врагов, да ПООООБООООЛЬШЕЕЕЕЕЕЕ!!!!

Author — рафаэль дробут


That robber ain't got no plan wtf! Should of jst look for a job

Author — ShredZ