8 BEST Weapons of Far Cry New Dawn

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8 BEST Weapons of Far Cry New Dawn 5
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Far Cry New Dawn ESRB: Rated M for Mature

In this video we’re going take a look at 8 of The Best Weapons in FarCry New Dawn. When looking at all of the arsenal the apocalypse has to offer, crafting some of the endgame weapons require a lot of materials and upgrading them is an even bigger investment. More importantly, some of the weapons just aren’t that good, so hopefully I can help give you a better idea of where to invest your hard-fought materials so you don’t waste ‘em.

Weapons of Far Cry New Dawn generally fall under 2 basic schools of thought: guns that make noise, and guns that don’t.

So, let’s take a look at the 8 Best Guns In FarCry New Dawn; 4 to fit a stealth playstyle and 4 to fit a run, gun and blow stuff up playstyle.

Weapons Covered: SPAS-12 Elite Shotgun, Space Force SA-50, BP-2 Assault Rifle, Compound Bow, RAT4 Rocket Launcher, Blunderbuss MG42, Blissful Agony D2 Elite Sawed-Off Shotgun, Vector 45 ACP.



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Ask me anything about Far Cry New Dawn, I'll try to answer!

Author — TerraMantis


4:32 -German soldiers in WW2 literally called the Mg42 the "Hitlersäge" or "Hitler-Saw"

Author — DontKnow9000


I can’t believe I am 18hrs into this game, two trophies away from the Platinum, and it wasn’t until your video did I learn you can upgrade your weapons. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Author — Colton41891


This game is better then fc5. new dawn is different and its brilliant.

Author — ZIm world dee


Guess you could sat that the RAT4 is a....

*“Lock”et Launcher..?*

K, I’ll leave.

Author — Requiem Boi


I'm very late, however my favorite weapon for the twins and Ethan is the MG42 Elite Blunderbuss. I beat the twins with it in about 3 and a half minutes.

Author — SmashGamer2019


No love for the A. J. M. 9 for stealth? Rex Colt disapproves.

Author — Silver Hawkins


He sounds like Owen Wilson and a kurt cobain combo

Author — Arthur Morgan


My current “hybrid” stealth/noisemaker loadout on my first play-through:

Special Weapon: Saw Launcher V.T / Optimized RAT4
Main Weapon: "Blunderbuss" MG42 / "Giant Tool" M-16 (Going to try the Optimized VECTOR.45 ACP and "The Works" BP-2)
Shotgun: SPAS-12 / Optimized 1887 (Going to try the "Blissful Agony" D2)
Handgun: "Color Spray" M-79 / Optimized SKORPION (Want to try the "Blood Dragon" A.J.M.9)

Saw Launcher V.T and SPAS-12 provide stealth compliment to the Blunderbuss and M-79; Blunderbuss becomes helicopter remover when Saw Launcher V.T replaces the Optimized RAT4. Saw Launcher V.T digitally enhanced auto-targeting of multiple targets, including wildlife, is fun and effective; M-79 is instant gratification, and fun to calculate aiming arcs.

Author — Mike Foss


I’m really surprised that the optimized ms16/ the m14 isn’t on this list. I killed the final boss with that gun

Author — Kingston Underwood


My playstyel is stealth till the alarms are gone then it's time for the Comes out

Author — ged smith


Damn the vector seems like it can easily replace the m249 I just wish they had a suppressed version

Author — bkaspe00


the saw launcher is also my favorite it can ricochet

Author — 69 shades of pink


Almost completed ND. Didn't realise you could upgrade each weapon over and over.

Author — Kim Jong Il


I remember I subbed to you a long time ago on a different device and i just found you again.

Author — Skyler Rose


I've got the D2 "Sin eater" do any of you have that weapon? (Plus the Rookie's old uniform)

Author — Kyle Harrington


I think it’s best to have 2 stealth 2 loud I like “it’s a tarp” and the compound bow for stealth and the m16 and mg42 if I need to go loud

Author — 983D Bleu


The rock paper scissors with one level up feels like a great automatic

Author — BATMAN041982


I love the saw i slaughter people undetected from so far

Author — ATG IMM


what your saying to the question "what's the best weapons in this game" is to upgrade to the highest level weapons available and their all great at that level ok

Author — John Holmes