EFTPS Payment | Setting Up the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

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EFTPS Payment | Setting Up the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System

We always recommend that our clients set up an online EFTPS account. This is the US federal tax payment system which allows taxpayers to see details about electronic payments made on their tax accounts for individual and business income tax, payroll taxes, etc. This video shows how to set up your account.

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Thanks for watching my video! What questions do you have about EFTPS?

Author — Catching Clouds Academy


Hey Patti! Very well presented video. Lovely presentation and nice details too.

Author — LLC University


How long does it usually take for the enrollment letter to come so the account can be set up?

Author — Ephraim Lucas


I set this up there is no form for quarterly in here, searching by form number doesn't bring anything up for submitting quarterly payments, please help!

Author — Franks Bmw Motorcycle Touring & Adventures


Thank you for this video. I have a question: I did all the steps that you are mention, but how can I get the 94x On-Line Signature PIN ( 10 digits) ?
Thank you

Author — Moe A.


Hey Patti, I accidentally entered the wrong pin, is there a way for me to change it ?

Author — Akeem Louigarde


Very good presentation, short and to the point.
What if the payment is coming from a foreign bank?

Author — jak jak


Hi, is there a dollar amount limit to pay through this system?

Author — sana Siddiqi


As a tax professional, what additional steps may be needed to access a clients EFTPS. Is this something we need a PoA to do or does the client still need to provide information regarding the payments from EFTPS?

Author — Luke Frye


Thanks for this video. Maybe you or one of your viewers can help me. I have a problem that I can't find out anything about, and I cannot use this system until it's resolved. When I try to enroll, it won't let me enter my social security number. When the cursor is in that field, and I type the numbers, no numbers actually appear. The cursor moves over with a each digit that I type, but not the right amount of space to fit it in. And when I've typed all the numbers (they're still not showing) and then I try to go to the next field to input my name, etc., I get a red highlighted message that I need to input the right number of digits for the Social Security number. The other fields will let me enter information. Looking for help, I went to the log-in page and entered my social security number there, and it took it! The numbers appeared where they were supposed to. Only problem, I wasn't enrolled and so I didn't have a pin number. The social security number field for the enrollment was just one box with two little dashes in it. The social security number field for logging in was actually three small fields for the three parts of the Social Security number, and that worked. Any thoughts? Any ideas? I would really like to be able to use this system.

Author — leeleeturn


This is one of the best videos I have watched. I just enrolled with the EFTPS and I'm trying to make the business quarterly estimated tax payment but I don't see any option for estimated taxes. I chose the 1120 payment but the next screen did not see anything about quarterly or estimated taxes. The only thing i see that is close is Federal Tax Deposit and I don't know what that relates to, Do you know how I can make business quarterly taxes on EFTPS? FYI this is not a passthrough company. Thank for your anticipated help.

Author — Rachmeg Se


All of these videos fail to mention the last step which is you have to file a return still. There are only a few approved providers that are allowed to accept uploaded forms so most still need to file the 941 form at the end of the quarter. Where to file is a bit confusing as you already made a payment so in theory it would be to the mailing address "without a payment" that is appropriate to your business location.

Author — RFTA Burbank


Can we claim child credit if we use this system?

Author — Pro Trader FX


Thank you so much! I’d tried calling the 1-800 number and she was not very helpful at all! I felt like it was part of a sitcom for how uninterested and deadpan the voice was. I gave her a “7” on my review at the end. It was 0 to 9 with 9 being the best. Anyway. . . Thank you!

Author — A Cormier


Hi Catching Clouds Academy. Thanks for your video!
I work for a global payroll company called Apdata. We are currently getting our system in compliance within the stated of Florida. Likely our competitors, we are supposed to withdraw the related payroll taxes from our client's bank account then use these funds in order to pay taxes within the federal government. That being said, should I enroll as a Business account in order to submit payments on behalf of our clients?
Any other tip/link that would give us information on required steps to go through during this set phase would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
Alan da Rocha

Author — Alan da Rocha


Does this website show you your actual balance you owe to the IRS?

Author — J cat C