DODAT (Official Audio + Visualizer)

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Do that.

(Available on all other platforms too. I just really like spotify so I got that link lmaoooo)

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Send it to who you gotta send it to.
I'm back. Foreal.

Author — VI Seconds


Yo whoever edited this is crazy ... oh wait

Author — IamSamson


Why does this sound like a intro to a heist movie

Author — Thunder Dragon


"I pop up with the bread, break fast if I'm holding toast"

Author — Naazam Basir


"Get the mop or get mopped like janitor duty" *the whole class looks at Dax*

Author — Sam Jackson


Someone: There is no such thing as a high budget lyric video

Vi: listen here mortal

Author — Lmao Chill


Can’t wait until the project drops!
Been listening to all your stuff since like 2012 and I can still rock to it🔥

Glad you’re seemingly okay now

Author — theartsteph


“The one ya momma talked about when she said leave that man alone” 🔥

“You wildin if you think there’s someone wilder when they write” 🔥 🔥

Video had me feeling like I was in a game of call of duty 😂

Author — RyshouJ Gaming


Glad to see your doing a lot better since the last thing I saw you post on your channel plus new music cant wait big fan💯

Author — Darkgo14HD - Minecraft,Mingames,More


This was fire man. VI seconds is definitely The Gawd and I would be hyped if VI and Young MA get together and do a track that would rock the hip hop game.

Author — Agustin Detres


The hook is gonna be on my mind every morning in the bathroom tho
"Do that shit, do that shit do that."

Author — Umang Lal


Love it! You are one of the realest spitters in this game and love the bars. Keep killing it shizzy!

Author — tyler jones


Damn nice visuals and lyrics. Thanks for putting this out, appreciate it.

Author — Brian


This that old shizzy❗️so glad he’s back and doing better✌️🙏

Author — Wave IlluSion


"Shawty said she want my name on a buck, butterflies in her stomach after rearranging her guts" Bro what? How'd you craft that line its so damn good!

Author — Christopher Rowles


As usual your music leaves me wanting more. On another note, I hope that you are doing better with your problems and want to let you know that all of us who are your fans are here for you when you need it

Author — Berhane Henry


Bro this song is straight freaking fire🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Author — Blind gamer


This is my favorite song I've heard from you. Shit is sick.

Author — NathanButGame


Im excited for this! Im glad your doing better, you are the best!!!

Author — RAYZ3R CH33TAH


this is the best visually made music video i have ever seen, and the lyrics were amazing

Author — Bushdigger420