'The Five' share their lessons from the midterm elections

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'The Five' share their lessons from the midterm elections 4.5
Democrats retake House of Representatives, while Republicans expand Senate lead; reaction and analysis from 'The Five', with special guest co-host Martha MacCallum.

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Look at that chick trying to wrestle the mic away from Acosta! Hilarious - I hadn't seen that! I would've suggested that she kick him in the balls, but that wouldn't have worked, because he doesn't have any!

Author — netterstyl


Trump beat Obama and Oprah... that was very satisfying

Author — Dorian Shades of gray


At least we still have the majority in Senate, unlike Barry who lost both lol

Author — Nelli Torre


"Instead of a blue wave I got purple rain" lol good one Juan. Very accurate.

Author — 4 Fake


“The kids get to play with the Toys” Greg gutfield

Author — Christian Vazquez Durr


Do Liberals not do their homework? The Senate is what we wanted to hold on to the most and we did, along with the majority in the gubernatorial elections. The Blue Wave turned out to be a little drip. God bless our POTUS.

Author — americafirstgal


From Texas here, (18 and in college)
I was talking with my mother about the elections, with all that's been happening before it.
She told me that for the first time in her life, she voted a straight republican ticket because of how much crap the democrats have been doing.

Author — Dyslexic Potato


POS juan are you paying attention!!!
Gregg is addressing the truth of what the left would do if they lost the house! See nothing happened you are dangerous

Author — Bombardier64


So what you're saying Juan is you're pleased that after watching your party obstruct for 2 years that you're optimistic about them actually wanting to do some work for America for a change is that what you're saying. Trump 20/20

Author — Paul Frain


He called out Pennsylvania. I'm from PA. The whole state is red except the two major cities. Philly and Pittsburgh. Most of the counties were all red.

Author — Steve Schweichler


My 2020 prediction: Senate 60% R, House Majority R, Trump second term

Author — DB Cisco


Trump has struck extreme difficulty in attempting to 'drain the Washington swamp', now with Sessions gone it may become much easier.

Author — Pete Smith


So not one mention from five of Project Veritas proving election meddling by the Dems or using illegals, hmmm

Author — PhoenixAshes13


President Trump knows exactly what he is doing.

Author — Eos Müller


The (democrats) get the house let the kids play with the toys! The (republicans) win the senate so let the adults handle the machinery

Author — guillermo solano


*Red Wave Rising* We control the Senate and we control Georgia, Florida, and gain 4 senate seats! Go Trump!!

Author — Ex -Dem USA


Juan continues to make a strong case why this show should be called the FOUR instead of the FIVE. Get rid of that clueless seat warmer!

Author — Matt Nelson


Why is it with Juan he always bring someones RACE into everything? WHY NOT PEOPLE GENDERS ONLY? DON'T REALLY KNOW WHY HE IS STILL ON THE SHOW!

Author — Alexus Highfield


And no one screamed like loons to the heavens.

Author — ZealfortheCross


Democrats won the house but we still have:God, President Trump, American people of all race and Senate...Moving forward and staying positive..God bless.

Author — Christine Newhouse